13 year old pitcher velocity

Hey, I am a 13 year old pitcher looking to get more velocity on my fastball. I am 5’1 98lbs and right now my fastball tops out around 68-70. I already have pretty good mechanics and I want to know what to do to get some more velocity. And also do you think I should do weight training before I hit my growth spurt. Thanks.

And also does a rice bucket actually do anything for your grip strength?

There’s a pitching velocity chart here:

In general, you’re ahead of the game if you’re throwing 70 mph. I’d say the range for good 13 year olds is 62-68 mph.

Generally yes. Here’s a video I put together 5-6 years ago that shows some of the more common rice bucket exercises for pitchers.

Thank You. I am planning on buying the TUFFCUFF Jr. for me and my brothers.