13 Year Old Pitcher - Updated Video

I got some good feedback a couple of months ago from some people after I posted a bullpen session of my 13 y.o. son. I was finally able to get some in game video this weekend and was hoping everyone might take a look and let us know what to work on. We only have a couple more games this season, and after a couple of weeks rest, he’ll start throwing/training to get ready for the fall season.

Just for the record, he threw a complete game and took a 4-3 loss in this particular outing. Thanks in advance for any help/direction.

This is the start of the game (video goes closer on the pitcher about 39 seconds in):

More of the first inning (video gets a bit closer about 1.18 in):

Final part of the first:

Later inning in the game (shows a little better closeup):

We finished up our season with back to back tournaments these past two weekends. I think my son started to wear down a bit this year as he threw 20 more innings this year than last. He also had some soreness in his elbow at the start of the fifth inning in his last game - something that never really happens during a game - so we immediately pulled him. I plan to have him take the next three weeks off to just hang out and chill before he starts up his throwing program again. Of course, basketball starts at the end of July, so that will keep him busy as well.

We are still looking for any advice on what he should work on prior to (and thru) the Fall season. I know he still needs to work on his glove side some as it still gets a bit lazy at times. Any other input - specifically about how he looks from the stretch - would be greatly appreciated.

Just for fun, here are his totals for the year:

Games Pitched - 12
Games Started - 9
Complete Games - 5
Innings - 51.66
Run Average - 5.14 (this is total runs based on a 7 inning game- earned and unearned. His ERA would be a good bit less.)
Hits - 66 (this includes errors/fielder’s choice/etc.)
Strikeouts - 31 (not a big number - he wants to put the ball in play)
Walks - 26

Thanks in advance for your help.