13 Year Old Pitcher Mechanics

This is my son pitching. He’s 13 years old. He is 5’ 8" 148 lbs. Any advice on mechanics?

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Haha he’s my age, my height, has almost the same mechanics as me, but weighs more than me. I can’t criticize him because those are pretty much my mechanics :smiley:

This is my dad’s username. How hard do you throw?

I weigh 120, and throw 70. Hit 76-77 mid season, but that was the hardest I’ve thrown. You?

I haven’t been timed with a good gun, but i have hit 71 mph on a Bushnell gun which is probably a few mph slower than what it actually is. I don’t usually throw as hard as I can in games. I like to throw about 95%. So i dont hurt my arm.

so you throw as hard as the kids in the little league world series? And you’re not on one of those teams?

Nah. Teams never got far enough. I don’t sit mid 70s, mind you, that’s just the fastest I’ve been clocked. Normally high 60s-low 70s. Just because I throw that hard doesn’t mean that my teams can match up to the other ones, especially in NYC where there is no lack of good baseball teams.

Try to clocked by JURS. It may give you 6-7 mph faster than Bushnell. You may hit 78 mph already. It is relly fast on your age.

The only suggestion I have is dont swing your leg over like that cause you pretty much fell onto the fall. Try to stay balenced when you land.

My suggestion has more to do with how to videotape your delivery than it does with the delivery itself…

Use a tripod. Somebody spent at least several hundred dollars for the video camera that was used to record your mechanics, and a cheap tripod costs only ~$30 more.

What does that get you? It gets you a clean video record of your mechanics from a stable position, without the nuisance of an erratic moving frame of reference.

If you are looking for movements in your delivery that are characteristic of your mechanics, why would you want to force the viewer to distinguish between “subject movement” and “camera movement” throughout this important video?

I know the video is crappy, my computer and video skills need alot of work, hopefully i can get another one done soon and it will be better.!!