13 year old~ Past, Present, and the Future

When I was 12 years old I threw around 60 mph with elbow troubles. My control was decent and my earned run average was pretty low. I only had a 4-seam fastball then. Over the last year I have worked really hard, perfected my form to my liking and came out in my last game throwing 75 mph when I had just turned 13. I now have a 11-5 breaking ball and a circle change. I rarely throw them in the game but I still have those pitches up my sleeve. I’m 5’5" and weigh 116 lbs. Are city has the history of Zach Putnam who is an U of M starter pitcher who has a chance to make the pro in either pitching or batting. I hope to be the next big thing the city.

Well, I might be playing baseball somewhere else in high school because where I might be moving there might not be a lot of baseball. I am hoping that before high school I can get my velocity up to 80 mph before high school with a good breaking and a decent change-up.

Well so far my shoulder is slightly hurting but that is normal because I have been pitching so much lately. I am taking a week of rest then I am goin on vacation and I am probably going to do a little long toss there.

I am resting for a week or so. My shoulder slightly hurts.