13 Year Old New Mechanics


My new mechanics:


You’re falling off to the side and it looks like you’re using your arm too much. Don’t take my word for it though, wait until Roger, Dusty, Steven or one of those other guys chimes in.


I know you’re trying to copy Lincecum… but it looks like you don’t have the strength to move your body the way he does.


It looks like you scap load nice and have good hip/shoulder separation.

Yeah, I think I would agree with this. This is probably why towards the end of your motion things kinda fall apart. It takes an extreme amount of strength to copy his mechanics. If you have a really solid workout program you could probably build up the strength before to long. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do :slight_smile:


I just took a second look, and you do copy his mechanics pretty well, but I see 3 main differences right now.

  1. you tempo looks slower
  2. your stride looks shorter
  3. your ending… I think this has to do with strength. your off balance when you finish because your body is tilted so far over and you do not have the strength to compensate.

Some other things that aren’t quite up to par with his mechanics would be the head tilt and his arm action, but their is no need to work on that. You don’t need a head tilt like his and your arm action looks to be great.


Just because his mechanics LOOK similar doesn’t make them similar. The timing of certain parts could be out of whack and still look similar.


Look was the best word I could come up with, and that’s why I said he needs to work on his tempo if he wants to look more like him… IDK if I said that right.

Oh, and I do not advocate copying TL’s mechanics. I am just trying to help metfan do what I think he wants to do.



I think you have a significant posture issue. Your head and spine tilts to the glove side during your stride causing you to direct your energy away from the target and resulting in your falling off to the side. My suggestion would be to keep your head upright. Or, to put it another way, keep your eyes level.


Holy Tim Lincecum!

I think you need to go with what is natural instead of trying to copy someone who has been successful. Natural wins in the end and keeps you healthy


My stride is about 6’4".


In that case, you’re probably not getting out over the front leg and that is causing - or at least contributing - to your falling off to the side. A video from the 3B side would be good to see.

I don’t know if you’re trying to copy Lincecum as others have suggested. But what he does is very difficult and takes years to perfect. While many talk about the tremendous momentum he generates (which is impressive), the thing I think is the most impressive is that he accomodates the posture issue he has with tilting head and spine to the glove side. Despite doing that, he is able to maintain balance, stay closed, achieve excellent hip and shoulder separation, and finish out over the front leg. Part of the reason he can do this is his momentum - if he moved any slower or even approached anything looking like the balance point he would probably not be able to do those things so well.

Pick out the individual things he does that apply to all pitchers and try to do those. But don’t try to copy him - especially not his posture.


very workable motion. i have a hard time believing you stride over 6 feet. how tall are you?


I’m 5’8.5".


hard to tell from the angle but it looks like he lands awfully closed. I would think that if he opens the landing up a little he can control the falling away problem at the end. I’m just a novice at this so take that with a grain of salt :slight_smile:


your stride is short and nowhere close to 6’4. how can i tell? you have no drag line with your back foot. it stays in contact with the rubber until it rolls over and lifts up on the follow through.


No it doesnt you can clearly see a drag line.


drag line occurs before the front foot lands. when your front foot lands your back foot is still in contact with rubber or just barely in front of.

you dont have the strength or more importantly flexibilty of lincecum right now to imitate his mechanics. lincecum is a freak of nature, a tremendous athlete, copying his mechanics is a bad idea.