13 year old needs feedback

Hi, my son just turned 13. Wanted to get some feedback from some other eyes on what could be improved. Thanks

The upper body looks pretty decent but the thing that jumps out is his poor use of the lower body.

He should…

  1. Manufacture a longer stride
  2. Learn to really push off with his back leg

Usually if you get the number two corrected the number one follows automatically.

Other than that solid.
What is his speed?

Thanks for the advice on the lower body Antonio. He’s on the small side for his age and only weighs around 91lbs. I would guess on a good day he throws about 60mph but thats just a guess.

Anyone else with other advice?


I think he does a lot right. I think it’s hard to talk stride on flat ground so I look forward to seeing him on a mound. The lower portion is weak, but he’s not developed physically yet. He needs core strength, which will develop as he gets further along into puberty. Getting his hips moving will also help but I’d really like to see him off of a mound to get a good or better idea.
Work on keeping his mechanics smooth and directed and learn about arm care and maintenance. Try to have him throw (As in playing catch) as often as possible and try to get at least a decent pen once a week. I like long toss, but just for fun…it really does help but I’m not an advocate of just that and nothing else…but do long toss.
I think he’s got a nice start…bring on the stuff off of a mound. Learn about diet and conditioning too.

pretty, good

i think you can try to lower your right leg after the leg kick to increase maybe around 5 cm ? to your stride distance

I echo all of jd’s comments here. I’d love to see him on a mound. He does need a longer stride but only as a result of good momentum generation toward the plate, not by simply reaching with the front foot. The flat ground conditions there are such that he will, either consciously or subconsciously, put his front down in that bare patch that is there, limiting things.

Hi guys, thanks for the comments. Did some off the mound today. Any more comments appreciated. Thanks