13 year old mechanics

Hello, first post on this forum. This is my son who just turned 13. He plays on a 13u travel team (vid with red jersey) and will be playing end of summer tournaments and Cooperstown with a 12u travel team (vid with black jersey). He has excellent control and has a very good change up but could increase velocity a bit.

Any thoughts on his mechanics would be appreciated.

Like all young pitchers, there is work to be done. But two major things i see in his mechanics is he falls of towards first base. Try and get him to follow through towards home plate. It can help velocity and accuracy. Also when he comes set, it would help if he wasnt so closed. He must have a hard time seeing the runner. Also his glove seems to be in the wrong place. Instead of tucking it in towards the body, it seems like he has it bracing his follow through on his leg. This slows down his follow through and the pitch. Or maybe he just has it dangling over his leg. Try and keep it off the leg and tucked in near his armpits.

Yeah, we have been working on him not falling off towards first. He’s had a couple of close calls with line drives at him that he just barely had enough reaction time to get his glove up and around. I don’t think his glove is on his leg it’s just right above it. But you’re right it should be higher. His main problem, according to him, is he feels he loses velocity when he finishes square to the plate. Maybe after practicing and doing it over and over it’ll feel more comfortable to him.

Your son definitely has some things going on that cause him to fall off to the glove side. In the first two videos, it looks like he “sits” back toward 1B when he goes into knee lift. His glove moves around quite a bit. And his stride foot plants a bit further to his left than I would prefer. Also, it looks like he may be leading with his upper half through his stride instead of with his front hip. But that’s tough to tell from the front. Any chance you can post some side views?

I’m thinking he needs to keep his head upright and take it only to the target - no left/right movement. He also needs to make sure his glove side isn’t pulling him offline from the target. And he needs to lead with is front hip further into his stride (if he really is leading with his upper half).