13 Year Old Lefty Pitches Drifting Outside

Hello. I have a 12 1/2 year old Pitching 60 ft for the 1st time. He has been doing great but lately his pitches are drifty just outsde on Right handed batters. Never a problem before and is definitely not a concern about hitting the batter. They just are barely missing outside.

Any thoughts on what I should be looking for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Location of his feet on the rubber. A natural sink (Which is what you describe) is not a bad thing. Look for consistency, where does he end up. You’ll likely see what to fix if you observe these things (He may end up open…or be on the left side of the rubber)…it could be simple. If he’s solid and in a spot I would look to be conservative in any corrections.

Thank you so much. I definitely do not want to do much. We love to watch this 12 year old come in and start striking 14-15 year olds out with a pitch that does not have the velocity of more experienced and older kids. It drives them crazy.

It is more for his sake because if he gets an umpire that wont give him that outside edge or that lower strike zone, he becomes frustrated. Its about learning and growing confidence still as far as I am concerned and I just always like to give them the tools for the next level.

It is very consistent so I think you may be right on with the landing or placement on the rubber. Can a significant hole in front of the rubber OR his toe point on landing effect it?

Thak you.

You bet it can, make certain that he knows he can do whatever landskeeping he needs when he gets out there…it is his right to be comfortable. Let him know he can take charge of the situation and doesn’t have to wait until someone sees it and does it for him. It will also serve to calm him and give him more confidence as he’ll be in control. Simple stuff like that, when pitching against older batters can be the difference maker. It can also let the ump know he isn’t all shakey legged and nervous so he’ll find it easier to get his pitches.

Wow did you just hit home… I am left handed and I was alwwaays able to hit the outside corner to righties but coming inside was tougher… but like previous poster said… as lefty I started as far as possible to the right side of the rubber(alot of lefties are the exact opposite) … Also something small that could help is having him close off a little bit so he doesnt fly open which causes to miss away… (to righties)

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