13 Year Old Analysis

Hey guys. I’m a 5’6 right hander pitcher, weighing in at 131 pounds. I average a fastball at 62-66 mph, a changeup at 55- 57 mph and a curveball at 46-50 mph. Any of your opinions would be welcome on my pitches, mechanics etc. I linked the videos below. Thanks!

Side View 1 Slow Motion:

Side View 2:

Welcome to the site.

I have one comment to start:

When you come set, make sure your feet are next to each other and about 12 inches apart. You’re coming set with your front foot off toward first base, which is incorrect.

P.S. Can you upload these videos to YouTube and then share the link here instead of having us download the vid from Google Drive? It makes an analysis much easier to view and provide feedback.