13 Knuckleball

Alright this is my first post so, Im 13 i throw 2 seam Fastball 72-73, Circle-Change 60-63, Knuckle-Curve 61-63, Cutter 69-71. The past few days ive noticed i can throw a no movement Knuckleball at like 45 or so, do you guys think i should start mixing it in to my arsenal?

sorry by no movement I mean no spin there is great movement on the pitch

No, if you’re throwing in the 70s at age 13 I wouldn’t go there. You have enough pitches. As much as I love the knuckleball I highly advise against adding it right now, and if you do it needs to be a once or twice a game type of pitch not a normal repertoire pitch.

Yeah, I agree with Pustulio

thanks i would only throw it 3 to 5 times a game

Well you should be throwing mostly fastballs at your age anyways, throw some off-speed because well it’s good pitching to change speeds but don’t get caught up in being a junk man at your age, trust me I regret it, when I first got into pitching I was so caught up in throwing every breaking pitch in the book that I never worked on my fastball and now even though I’ve been working it back up to being barely average but I still have to rely on my junk and it’s frustrating not being able to have that heat, you can work on nasty stuff when you’re older focus on fastball and change up now.

No one can possibly throw “every breaking pitch in the book” unless his name happens to be Ed Lopat. He threw everything but the kitchen sink, and I suspected that he probably threw that too. (And he probably got a good sharp break on it.) Seriously, though, all well and good if one has a fast ball to begin with, but if one doesn’t—like me; I knew from the beginning that I would never be a fireballer along the lines of Feller, Raschi, Gibson, Verlander et al., and so of necessity I went in the other direction. And I did NOT throw every breaking pitch in the book; there were two pitches I steered clear of—the knuckleball, because I was prevented from throwing it by the sharp karate-chop wrist snap I had on my curve, and the screwball, because I was all too aware of how it can screw up one’s arm, no pun intended.
Okay, so you’ve come a little late to the fast ball, but at least you’re working with it, so there’s no need to kick yourself to the moon and back. But your advice on acquiring a couple of changeups is sound. Do you remember what Babe Ruth once said on the subject? He said that a good changeup will cause batters more grief than anything else—and he knew a little something about pitching. I remember the first changeup I acquired; it was a very nice palm ball, and I continued to use it for many years. 8)

You said you already have 4 pitches at age 13, that is plenty. That is certainly enough pitches to have success at your level.

Also, have you really mastered all your pitches? Are you able to throw all of them consistently for strikes? Can you use any pitch in any count? These are the types of questions you need to answer yes to before adding additional pitches.


yea i throw them all for strikes the cutter is really more of a 4 seam but it has good cutting movement so I call it a cutter

probably not. unless you wanna become a knuckleballer. and you got some great pithes already.

Control. It isn’t about throwing strikes. It’s about throwing all four pitches where you want them to end up. I agree on the 2per game knuckleballs. Go perfect control on all your pitches and you could probably strike out most d1 players with the right mind games.

you’re lucky to have more than 3 pitches already lol. A great many baseball fans wish they could throw a 4 seam with control lol (me T-T)



If you think inside the strike zone(or the box) you’re going to get hit. Get creative. Once you have the control, you could make batters dance if you really wanted to.

just keep developing it and getting it a bit faster. it seems like you have a pretty good arsenal without it though. its fun to mess around with even if you dont throw it in games.