12yr working With Dusty Delso

This winter we have been working with Dusty Delso doing his core workout and getting tips from Paul Nyman. This is were we are today with Spring just around the bend. Tim

He looks great. One of the most important things I’ve learned from this board and it has worked for my son, is he doesn’t seem to be moving the front hip out as the knee is reaching its apex. A little more momentum generated should assist even more in velocity. He looks darn good though.

I’m a big believer in it and having followed these boards and studied the slow motion shots of ML pitchers it’s obvious they are moving out their front hip well before that stride knee is coming down and starting forward.

he stiffens his knee

Front or back? I do not see it on either one, give us a little more. Tim

i think slurve is referring to the front leg. it does stiffen up a little bit. it may cause him to miss up in the zone a bit. all in all it is very good though. the first thing that popped up in my head when i saw the clips was that he reminds me of curt schilling.

looks awesome but ya he is stiffening front knee.

Congratulations on the hard work you and your son have put in. His mechanics look great. My son has been working with an instructor since early November, having no previous pitching experience, to develop his mechanics. It ain’t easy! (See 12YO Ver 2.0) What kind of numbers is he doing on the gun?

I wonder if the stiffening that’s been referred to could be a by-product of the slight slip his left foot takes on landing? I don’t see much.

Keep it up. That dude’s gonna win some games this year!

Thanks guys but the front knee is fine…Take a look at some pro clips they do the same thing but I do thank you for the observation. Tim Lincecum has a slight movement a foot plant and the lock does not lock out that would cause it to be up in the zone most of his pitches are low. Tim
Bushnel gun
FB- 68-67
CU- 58-56
CB 52-54

He is stiffening the knee because the mound has no traction and he probably not strong enough. It’s a strength issue not mechanical issue. He’s only 12, so the strength will come, no worries there.

Mariano Rivera is a good comparison for your son.

I see that he leans back more than Rivera. Again this is probably a strength issue because he attempts to lead with the front hip he is not strong enough to overcome the upper body leaning toward 2B. This just shows that he is attempting to lead with the front hip. That’s a good thing.

As far as not moving toward the plate enough before peak front leg lift, it’s a strength issue as well, because the post leg may not be strong enough to balance himself on. Therefore, he has to stay on top of the rubber longer. It puts his weight on the bones. The farther away from the rubber he moves, it puts the weight on his muscles. And those muscles may not be strong enough at this stage in his life. Therefore, he has to rely on the bones for support.

I really like the arms action, that is, the action of both arms. See below.

I also like the loop he creates with the arm. Look how the the ball/hand seems to stay in the same spot in space while the shoulders are rotating until the arm lays back then explodes toward the plate.

Overall, I like what I see. As he gets stronger, everything will come together.

His core workout is it is the same one Dusty placed on here a while back it is intence. But it is working.

man, I wish I had that kind of training, instruction and support when I was his age! Great work he will be an amazing pitcher!

man am i smiling right now. he’s throwing harder than 68 from what i’ve seen when working with him. we’ll put the jugs gun on him next weekend.

yes he is stiffening his front knee, it happens just after release and that is what we are striving for. look at the clip of nolan ryan from the back. you should see the same thing.

i would not want to be a 12u holding a bat 46 ft from this animal. he will do nothing but throw harder as he stays on the core workout and increases the ankle weights. this stuff realy works if you’re not afraid to put in the time.

great job j


I agree with XV’s comments about the role of the front foot slipping (good catch, XV!) as well as the importance of functional strength.

One thing I will say is that I think this pitcher leans toward both 2B and 1B too much for my liking. In the side view, I can actually see his head move torwards 2B (relative to the ground - not relative to his body) before it starts forward. House will tell you that every inch of inappropriate head movement costs you 2" at release point.

In the front view, I see him lean back toward 1B at the same time he leans toward 2B. I think he never fully recovers from leaning back toward 1B and this leads to him falling off to the side. With as much momentum as this kid generates, he shouldn’t be falling off to the side unless there is something causing it. To me, he never gets fully upright before rotating so ends up with a posture issue leading to falling off to the glove side. IMHO.

When the hip leads his core center stays infront of the rubber, you will have to explain the 2" closer because I do not see how that would change your release point; and do you sacrifice leading with the hips to get 2" or add speed? The lean to 1st is just a posture issue his weight is just behind his post leg just stay over the center (belly button). And as far as falling off he keeps the same angle with the shoulders until finish, we have talked with Coachxj at length about this. His control is rite on he does not miss much. Tim

Tim, Dusty–

He looks like a very fine young pitcher.

I basically agree with joearnz’s comment about desirability of leading with the front hip, but would say it perhaps more emphatically: Weight shift forward with the hips should be occuring simultaneously with the leg lift to generate optimal momentum to the plate.

Roger also recognized, I think correctly, that this young man leans his head back toward 2B near the top of his leg lift. IMO, he does this because he generates relatively little forward momentum until his leg lift is complete–so, during the leg lift he must cantilever his head/torso toward 2B to counterbalance the leg lift while remaining balanced. But, IMO, you shouldn’t want him to achieve a static “balance point” at the top of his leg lift. I think most pitchers profit greatly from generation of early momentum to the plate–that is, from not “stopping at the top” but instead weight-shifting forward with the hips at the same time that the leg lift commences.

Pitchers that “stop at the top” of their leg lift must then generate all of their forward momentum toward the plate from a static position while balanced on one leg. It’s a lot easier and more powerful–this 12 yo could be even more fearsome than he currently is–to generate and maintain dynamically balanced movement forward from the get-go.