12yo with command issues


Hi everyone!

My 12yo and I have been working on his mechanics. Its been a process, to say the least. Lately, the boy is having some command issues. Mostly pitching high, but really, it can be all over the place. I took some video of last nights game. Surely not one of his best. I’m hoping some of you can help me find the flaws and maybe recommend so remedies/drills we can work on. Link below. Please and thank you!


He has a good deal of shoulder tilt from the start and continues tilted at foot strike, which is probably why he is throwing high. Also his left shoulder opens up early which could be the reason he is having accuracy issues left or right. I would try to keep the left side closed longer and pull the glove hand elbow more forcefully toward my left hip as I rotate towards home plate with the delivery. I’ve heard it referred to as “turning the ships wheel.” That’s my 2 cents - I’m a junior in high school, and not a coach, but I don’t see anyone else answering your post, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Lol


Thanks for the reply Drake! I now see the issues you mentioned. Ill work on that with him. Its amazing how little quirks in pitching mechanics can throw everything else off.


When he is extending his arm, he is leaning back to much, causing him to throw higher. Try keeping him slightly more level when he is coming back.


I’d describe this more as get your body to the glove. Your glove to the catcher’s glove; your chest to your glove. The glove should not go to the chest. Remember, we want to move forward down the target line. We don’t want anything going backward. Stay down the target line.

He seems to fall toward the 3b side of the mound. I’d like to get a head on look, but I would guess that his shin at release has his knee closer to third than his ankle. His shin should be vertical at release so that when he braces up on that front leg his weight isn’t off balance to the third base line.

He also doesn’t follow through. Lack of follow through or trunk forward flex can lead to high throws.


It might just be the angle of the video, but he looks like a guy that wants to throw side-arm, but is forcing himself to throw over the top.


One of the things my 12yo’s pitching coach has focused on is dragging the back foot. This helps a lot to keep my boy in line with his target. It helps him to not lean either way and also helps him to stay in the correct forward position.
Other than that, I agree with most everything that has been said here- Shoulder tilt, left shoulder opening up, leaning back a bit much, etc…
Good thing is, these are small things that can be remedied with a few practice sessions!


dragging the toe is something that, in my opinion, either happens or it doesn’t and is neither good nor bad in and of itself. to me, when forcing it like this, it’s a teach that slows things down when you want to speed up. chest to glove down the target line is aggressive and forward moving–just like a pitcher wants to be. if his acromial line is moving like a spear toward the plate, that should be enough to keep him on line and with appropriate shoulder tilt.


The back foot lifting prematurely can be an indicator of some other issue in the delivery. For example, posture or early shoulder rotation issues often cause the back foot to lift prematurely. In these cases, fixing the issue will usually restore the natural back foot drag.

However, there can be cases where a pitcher has trouble fixing the underlying issue so having the pitcher deliberately drag the back foot can help. (I’ve seen Tom House do this effectively with a pitcher.) Yes, the pitcher will likely slow down as deliberately dragging the back foot will be rather awkward. But he should be able to stop the deliberate drag once he works through the issues and should then be able to speed back up.

Keep in mind that some pitchers just don’t drag their back foot. Curt Schilling was probably the poster boy for lifting the back foot.


As Roger says here, the premature lifting of the foot can be an indicator, but keeping the foot down also won’t necessarily correct the shoulder rotation issue. Rolling over that back ankle is the precursor for the rotation of the body starting from the ground up and uncoiling, so getting up too soon can see early rotation all the way up the chain, including the shoulders.


Simple fix, he’s releasing the ball high, tell him to hold on to the ball a little longer until it’s out front of him, you can also in his bullpen session put up a cord or string just above knee level and have him throw the ball beliw the cord or string. Also have him start low and work his way up, (if you want it lower aim lower ) that’s much easier than working up to down. No reason to tell him some complicated stuff to try and fix it. I would also recommend following Lance Wheeler and Tom House, they’re the leading Pitching guys in the World. Again to over complicate things and tell him stuff that will confuse and probably frustrate the both of you. Good luck let us know how your making out.