12yo Needs Help With Mechanics - Modeled after Clayton Kershaw

I am currently 12. Little tall for my age. Need some help with consistency. Right now my windup is based off Kershaw. I need some help because my pitches always go either right now the middle or way high and right.

Criticism is always welcome. Just want to improve. I’ve only pitched two games i have a 0 era. A couple hits but usually retire the side. Just need some help with consistency. I’m honestly not that great.

I Love it! Don’t worry about Kershaw. Be who you, AB22 are. Keep the passion, enjoy the game and do what works for you. As you mature you will figure what works best for you. I do like the balance you have at an early age. Good luck!

Thank you for the kind words. I will hopefully end up finding what truly works for me down the road.

To the kid: Be yourself, not your favorite pitcher. This from a physics professor (former pro pitcher) involved with the physics of throwing/swinging sports. To the parent: The first thing I noticed is that the kid over-steps and loses his balance in the process. Of course, there is always more to consider.

Thank you.

I’m being honest, Kershaw is perhaps the worst pitcher to emulate. He has two parts to his motion, the first (a drop and drive pause) is totally useless.

When you emulate him, you commit a mortal sin in pitching, you lean backwards over your back leg as you are driving your front leg towards home plate. In short, your upper and lower body parts are moving in two different directions. As a result, your back foot stays planted on the rubber as you attempt throw the ball on front leg plant, This puts undue stress on your upper body and throwing arm and your lower half contributes very little, if any. If you keep this up, and throw a lot, you could do damage to your arm. You should look to be building momentum as early as possible in your delivery.