12u pitching speed and control

I am a 12u pitcher with average traits (about 5’1 110)

I think I throw 68-70 with good control i just started pitching because coach found that i could throw fast and accurate

This is all my fastball though I can’t seem to throw any offspeed besides a somewhat slider/sinker and I feel like hitters are getting too many hits off me because of it

any tips?

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You’re fine. I seriously pitched four years in the minor leagues throwing nothing but 83-85 (which is not fast for that level at all) mph sinker sliders. Mix in a 4 seam fastball up and you will be successful. Perfect those 3 pitches now and worry about the other pitches in a year or two

Still Trying,
The best thing you can do right now is to learn how to throw a change-up. A good change-up will keep most hitters off balance when throwing a four-seam fastball that Zendog mentioned previously. I would also learn to throw a two-seam fastball to give you even more movement in your arsenal. Learn the change-up first.

Former college pitcher and current pitching coach.

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My son is 5’11 12u and throwing same speed, You are probably throwing by most kids until you play the tournaments or all county teams etc? Once there we found he needed a second pitch and he can now throw the circle change but that took a few months. If its awkward or you cant throw it for strikes find a change up grip that you like.


Great speed for your age and size.
Just keep working on location and change up.


Dude. You’re 12. This is phenominal.

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