12U Pitching Analisys Please

This is 2 videos of my 12yo. Any feedback is welcome.


I see some inconsistency in glove control and posture. Sometimes the glove stays in front and sometimes it swings out to the side. Sometimes he keeps his head more upright and sometimes he tilts it more. These things can lead to control issues.

I would strive for more consistent stabilization of the glove in front of the torso and more consistent stabilization of head and posture.

Thanks Roger. I noticed that too and have been trying to work on glove handconsistancy. How do you correct the head tilt? Just have him focus more on that or are there drills I can have him do?



I use two NPA drills: knee drill and rocker drill. (Search this site for descriptions.) These drills take the lower half out of the equation so that all focus can be put on the upper half issue. But your son will simply have to think about it until it becomes automatic. You can use cues like “keep your head upright” or “keep your eyes level”. Showing him some video can also be very effective in helping him understand what you’re seeing.

Of course, can’t do just drills. You always need to take it to the mound and practice it there, too.

Its interesting to note that many pitchers rely on a release point consistent with his front leg landing, yet they absorb this front leg and do not necessarily use it to dictate a release. You can notice as a child grows older and becomes more comfortable throwing the ball further they will start to incorporate more of a stiffness in their front leg and create a more consistent release point. We teach a child to pitch and get it over the plate, we will even tell them to use their legs and yet we do not teach many of them how to use their legs, other than the faster you jump from the mound and the closer to home you deliver the ball the faster it will be. Ever wonder why pitchers like Strasberg can look so relaxed and throw so hard without effort? My advice would be to incorporate more of a front leg driving back upon landing to get the hips involved more. I suggest watching the front leg of many MLB pitchers. It still holds true that balance is key throughout a pitching motion, and a relaxed arm will throw harder than a tense one(flexibility) but to drive that arm through the zone, there has always been a front leg driving the hips to open upon landing.

We will definitely work on the hips and glove control. I also discovered another issue he seems to have. He is not gettin backspin on his 4 seam. I took a baseball with a stripe across the seems and had him throw and he was getting a side spin so we definitely need to fix that. I have had him working on that. I think it started with him screwing around with a side arm throw and he thought it looked cool :roll:
I also was able to really slow down the videos and notice his hips and shoulders open about the same time. jlspencer206 is that what you were referring too?

Thanks again


Sidearm is fine as long as he’s comfortable with it.