12u Pitcher

This is my first video upload of my son pitching. He just recently turned 12. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Your son has good mechanics. He gets good hip action and is leading with his heel as he should. His glove hand tucks nicely and stays close to the body. The stride looks to be a bit shorter than it should be for his height on that pitch. Shoot for a stride 90-100% of his height.

The follow-through for his pitching arm is inside the glove hand, meaning that he is coming over the top nicely. He breaks his hands a little too early in my opinion. Notice that the hands have broken quite a bit while his knee is still high. Hold the hands a little longer and keep that weight back - then explode forward.

Overall, I like what I see for the most part.

Well, his hip action isn’t very good, he doesn’t lead with them well, causing him to be ‘stuck’ over the rubber. His lower body is slow because of this and is evident in how quickly his arm gets into position before footplant.

Also, because of the slow lower body and lack of leading with the hips he has a stride that is short and not as powerful as it should be. You can see when his stride leg lands his back leg is still on the rubber.

When I say he is ‘stuck’ over the rubber, I mean that he hasn’t used his leg lift to get anywhere and to get out of that position you must either collapse your back leg, which your son does to get going instead of using his hips at the top of leg lift, or lead with the front shoulder which he doesn’t do, so that’s good.

To stop him from collaspsing the back leg to get moving and to get the arm up a little later you should check out the Hershiser drill.

And to show you what properly leading with the hips and getting your back leg off the rubber the right way looks like, check out this video of Justin Verlander.

See how at 00:21 seconds at the beginning of leg lift you can see the first base coach?

Then, at 00:25 when his lift has peaked you can no longer see the first base coach because his front hip is leading the way.

At 00:30 when his leg lands his back leg has already turned over and is off the rubber. You want to be off the rubber by this point.

So check out the Hershiser drill and work on using a more powerful lower body.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the feedback.
Concerning his stride, we will work on getting it longer. Using stills from the video, I was able to determine his stride was approximately 82% of his height. Doing the same with Verlander, his stride was almost 100% of his height.


100% is something we will strive for, after making some lower body adjustments that were recommended. Perhaps working off a mound will help as well, vs. a flat surface.

BTW, his coach brought a speed gun at the team’s last practice. My son’s fastball averaged 61 mph, change up was 53 mph. Curious to find out what kind of improvement in velocity a few mechanical changes will bring.

Understand that a long stride is more of an indicator of doing other things well than it is a goal unto itself. A long stride results from things like a stable posture through the stride, a good amount of momentum, and late shoulder rotation. Doing those things well is what gives you tangible benefits - and a longer stride. If you only focus on achieving a longer stride, your son might get lucky and improve those other things. A better approach, IMHO, is to focus on those other things and let stride length happen.

I agree with Roger, well said my friend