12U lefty time issues? (240fps inside)


My son is 12 years old sidearm. His sidearm fast ball is about 63-65mph. If I FORCE him to throw ¾, the fast ball is about 70mph. However, he does not like to throw ¾, and complains the shoulder and elbow pain when he throws ¾. He wants to throw side arm. The problem is his sidearm has no off speed pitch.

I found couple abnormal movements:

  1. His leading heap move to the third base. It is easy to see it in the front view.
  2. His leading glove is very low when he lands it. From the first base view.

The local coach said he has the time issue, however he can’t tell me what the exact timing problem is? Does my son have the time issue?
I really need your help

Thank you very much.


First Base view:

Second Base View:

Thridbase view:

his stride is too long for his upper body rhythem

I wouldn’t have him pitch 3/4 or side arm. I would just let him throw what comes to him naturally. He shouldn’t think ‘sidearm’ or ‘3/4’. He should just throw with a nice fluid easy arm action.

Just my opinion.

the video is his natural way.

If he is 7-8 mph slower, then I would argue that it isn’t.

I have to agree with both of the responses above.

His stride appears too long, as if he’s purposely trying to stride out farther than necessary. The tell tale sign for me is that he appears to be landing very hard on his heel.

I also agree with Jimster that this doesn’t look like his natural arm slot, The movement looks forced. I think he needs to concentrate on throwing the ball, not pitching, find whats comfortable and go with that slot.

He could hold his stride foot ‘closed’ longer.