12U Lefty Pitcher

12U son has been pitching for a few years. Recently he’s been having some problems missing low from knees to “in the dirt”… He’s accurate horizontal but is missing lower in strike zone. Any advice?

[youtube: http://youtu.be/OQwC4jNQXXo]


Here’s the corrected youtube url:


He honestly looks good for his age, I do see a few adjustments that could be made:

  1. He could limit his right knee on how high it gets, the higher the knee doesn’t improve anything. Have him come to where his thigh is parallel to the ground before moving forward.

  2. Glove side needs to become more stable, it tends to drag down vs pulling back during delivery.

  3. even though he gets a nice flat back, his head is moving a lot down and to the right. Notice at :19 seconds it looks as though he is looking under his arm.

  4. Maybe related to #3, his arm path should come down just above the left knee, because of his glove side and head position it looks to be coming high around his thigh or hip.

(all these things could result in accuracy issues)

Positives: good balance, movement to home and flat back after foot plant.

Thanks BUWhite…I noticed the same thing with the head driving down towards the ground. I’ve been telling him about it as well. But it wasn’t until I pulled out the old camcorder and video taped him that he actually saw what I was telling him he was doing. Are all 12 year olds the same?? :evil: Very hard for dad to help out and we have very limited coaches to help during the season…

Like I said, this year if he misses it’s low and in the dirt. He’ll get into a pattern and literally throw 3 in the dirt before he readjusts…

Any advice on drills or things I can do in the backyard while we are in the middle of the midseason grind???

Since my pitching kids have been pretty talented pitching wise, I got them with instructors right away, they seem to listen to those coaches more than listening to dad. Even a lessons 1X per month is good to develop them listening to another source then you are just backing that up and they aren’t being coached by you.

On drills, one thing I could suggest is the bucket drill, you don’t throw but you are forced to bring the back foot up with the energy of the leg vs the weight of the upper body and head. My son put it on video here, check it out.

You will notice how he works on keeping his head up ending with the throwing arm pointing directly at the target at the end of the throw. Feet side by side in a good athletic position.