12 yr old son pitching from 60 feet please critique

All in all, I think he looks nice, nice posture, great with keeping his head still. Both my son and I watched both and suggestions we’d come up with…(We hate porto mounds…I mean you could have him stand on a cinder block as far as he strides past it), first his arm action, he goes immediately to hi cock instead (Sort of like a catcher) of letting it flow down and around, this ultimately needs fixing as it can effect timing negatively, the other is that he collapses on that front leg really severely, this will limit velocity, now the porto could be the reason for this but really he looks nice for his age and tweaks are a reasonable approach. His alignment and balance are good, even though he’s way right on the rubber it doesn’t seem to force alteration in his delivery and it looks like he throws strikes…all you really want at this age…good fundementals and throw strikes. As he gets stronger he’ll clean some stuff up with puberty/age progression and better body coordination.

Thanks for the great feedback.