12 yr old Pitch evaluation mechanics and pick off



Looks good to me, maybe keep the arm action a little shorter on the pick off.


Hey TurfGuy, You have a nice little pitcher there. Only one thing I would start to incorporate into practice and bullpens is forward momentum. He has the first part of pitching down and that is the very beginning of leg lift. He lifts his leg and with a very subtle move loads his hips. Improvement can start when he brings his leg down. He is a typical young pitcher that brings their leg up and then brings their leg down without generating any forward momentum.

You can really see this when he takes the ball out of his glove, no forward momentum. I would start teaching him how to use his lower half more efficiently. Other than that, he sits well into his delivery and rides down the slope of the mound really well. He is in a good position just before foot strike. Arm is coming up and he is still closed. In maximum arm external rotation he has opened up really well. Good glove position and a solid landing leg. Really nice follow through as he stiffens up his front leg. His leg rotates nicely over his back hip.



Yes his instructor tells him all the time. Move everything towards the plate. We will keep working on that, thank you!!!


Forward motion with controlling the body throughout the entire pitching choreograph, requires a considerable amount of abdominal strength and stamina.

For a 12 year old, I think he’s doing pretty good. As he gets older, and matures a bit more, his body will strengthen and his overall temperament with respect to muscle controls will enhance.


Hard to tell about where his foot is coming down on the pick off from this angle. If he’s stepping open by 45 degrees or more, it’s a balk. Impossible to tell from that angle. If you shoot the video from behind the catcher or from the first base bag, it would be easy to tell. The orientation of his foot with the heel to the plate and the bottom of his shoe showing to home, just before he drops his toes and plants makes this move deceptive. It’s definitely a good move because it’s so much on the borderline.


We are aware of the 45 degree rule. He is not always that fluid or deceptive. When he is he usually gets the kid, in this case I think he overthrew the first base man. That’s why he takes off running. LOL.

It is such an arms race literally and figuratively! There seems to be so much put on these young kids at such a younger and younger age. Highly competitive travel ball requires advantage almost at any cost. I don’t let him get overused but the things he is being taught blow my mind for a twelve yr olds. They were going over last night how to conceal the ball in a windup to avoid a hitter from picking up on it and tracking it. Don’t even get me started on the whole curve ball issue. Coaches don’t broach the subject because its such a hot topic I think. We avoid the curve ball and instead focus on location,speed changes and using the seems and grips. It is effective without the need to snap the forearm! Just my two cents1