12 yr old Change up, 2 seam question


Hi, my son Mattias has been pitching for 4 years now. In the last 2 years he has added a 2 seam and a circle change. He Can throw both pitches 2 seam circle change for strikes consistently, he is extremely comfortable with the grips and throwing both pitches. This is where I (Dad) need help, I wasn’t worried about speed or movement of these two pitches as I wanted him to just get comfortable gripping them and throwing them for strikes. Now that he is 12 yrs old it would be great if there was a way for Mattias to get movement on his circle change and maybe his 2 seam also I don’t see much of a difference in speed between his 4 seam 2 seam or changeup.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just an FYI I’m not well versed in pitching speak. lol

Just to add. He throws his circle change with a 2 seam grip a little deeper into his palm with a lose grip. He throws it just like his 4 seam. Comes over the top of the ball.

Thank you.
Scott and Mattias .


Make sure his thumb is positioned underneath his middle finger on his pitches. When I started emphasizing this with my son when he was 12 his four seam and circle change started getting great movement to his pitching arm side (he’s a lefty).


Thanks for the tip. One question, he has long fingers but hes having difficultymoving his thumb under his middle finger On his 4 seam fast ball and especially his change up. I tried it and it even stretches my fingers out a bit. Not sure we’re doing it right although it sounds pretty straight forward and simple.


On the four seam fastball having the thumb under the middle finger is important and should not be hard for a 12 year old. On the circle change it is probably impossible, depending on how he holds it, as usually the thumb will be on the side of the ball beneath the index finger. The circle change has movement to the pitching arm side when the “circle” is thrown at the catcher, as this causes pronation.

See these grips from this very website: GRIPS.


Id honesty reccomend he remodel the change up.

Instead of just holding the ball deeper in the hand, try another grip. Here are some:

I’d reccomend he play around with variations of these. I’d also say to try pronation to spin the ball on the side if he’s comfortable with it.

As for the 2 seam, to get more movement he has three different options here.

  1. play around with the grip some more till he finds one that works
  2. try adding finger pressure
  • middle finger pressure is for sink
  • pointer finger pressure is for arm side movement
  1. try pronating the ball. The more of a tilted axis is spins on, the more movement it will have.


Thank you very much for the help ! The pictures help a lot. I will definitely have him use these grips.


Np. If you want some of the variations that I have found useful, or more pictures from other angles let me know.