12 yo RHP struggles with changeup


I’m 12 yrs old I throw 55-60 with my (four seam) fastball with good command throw slider 50-55 with enough control to keep it down in the zone and not get crushed. However I struggle to find a useful changeup I throw it too hard any tips? Also I would like arm side movement so my slider and changeup move different directions any tips to add more arm-side run?


Forgot to mention I’m in 6th grade and 5 foot 3 inches and 115 lbs


I’m 13 years old and I used to struggle with the changeup too. Have you tried the circle change? I find it easier just to curl my index finger around the ball rather than just leave it hanging off. It’s also all about mechanics. The point of a changeup is to look like a fastball - so your windup must be the same as it is for the fastball. Other than that, the dip and the speed will come naturally if you get your mechanics and grip down.


Thx I will try. Do you have think I should try to make a “C” instead when throwing the circle change because I have pretty small hands for how tall I am