12 YO Preston - Lefty Pitching Analysis


Looking for advice on mechanics and increasing velocity on my 12 year old Lefty Pitcher.


Do you have any real-speed video?


Here is some videos of real speed, previous post was slo-mo…


Biggest things are:

  1. he’s too vertical in his leg lift and too slow with the lower half.
    He is going straight up then straight down before striding out. He should be getting his front hip forward explosively.

  2. his arm is ready to throw much earlier than his lower body and has no arm speed.
    He’s got his arm cocked and his foot is still 6-8 inches off the ground.
    He arm should cock at virtually the same time the foot strikes. It should happen in the snap of your fingers not over a full second.

  3. he’s completely vertical at release
    The ball is gone before he’s had any opportunity to finish his delivery and apply forces from his truck to the delivery


Thank you for the critique. I agree with you. How do I get him to fix this? I have always told him he needs to use his lower body more to gain some power on his delivery.


Here’s a couple of observations you might consider. In the second video - if you stop it at the :29 mark you can see he has planted his stride foot and is getting ready to launch the ball. The first thing I see is that his stride foot has fully landed, yet his hips have not yet begun to turn - however his glove side is flying to the 3rd base side which will cause his shoulders to open pretty quickly. Not a good combination. another thing I see is that his stride foot is extremely closed off which will also impair his ability to open his hips earlier. Some guys can get away with this if they compensate by having an aggressive backside hip. Your son does not as you can see his front foot does not turn toward the direction of the catcher until after the ball has been released and into follow-though around the :32 mark. Basically, what you are seeing is his shoulders pulling his hips through instead of the other way around.

I’d start working on the lower half with Hershiser drills and rocker drills. A quick search on this site or google should get you video of those. At the same time, I’d have him work on controlling his glove side. Look up “NPA swivel & stabilize” for a good understanding of what needs to happen after separation.


The first thing I would do with this young man would be to give him a more athletic starting position (think batting stance or free throw shooting stance) and then get him to move his center of mass forward faster. Lots of Hershiser and cross-over drills.

Also, in CoachPaul’s reply, fixing item 1 will help fix items 2 and 3 (so work on 1 first). If he gets into front foot plant sooner, the arm won’t be so early. And the momentum from moving faster will pull his upper half forward preventing him from being so upright at release.


I worked on the Hershiser and Rocker drills with him this evening, as we found them online…Please check out his latest video and let me know if you see any improvement?


I see improvement in his glove side control. Keep working on the Hershiser and rocker drills though. His release is still way early. Stop your video around :19-:20 and you can see the ball on an upward trajectory. Fixing some his timing and balance issues should help get a more “out-front” release. Don’t just tell him to release out-front though, fix the issues prior to release to make it happen.


It’s definitely better in the last video but he still needs some work. The back hip is still not as aggressive as it could be and you can see that because the back shin stays almost vertical the entire way into front foot strike. What you want is for the back leg and front leg to work out at the same rate. Definitely better though so keep him working!