12 yo pitching help

My 12 yo son wants to start pitching this year, he throws hard and is large for his age but not sure what to tell him as far as mechanics to improve his consistancy. Any help would be appreciated…

the link doesnt seem to be working sir.

Just posted it to youtube and its still processing, sorry

One problem i see is his lead arm is flying out and across…Get him to tuck his arm is when his from arm starts moving forward. Letting it fling out there will cause his shoulders to open too soon and when he gets tired his front leg might start landing too far to his left.
he also …to me seems to be staying to far upright. I was always taught to have your back down when your arm is fully extended…but i might be wrong.

I will work with him on that, he also has a tendency of landing his plant foot to the third base side and crossing over when he pitches. Any suggestions for helping this problem?

the arm problem or landing problem? for the arm problem just tell him to tuck his arm in when he his arm starts going forward. for the landing part just mark the spot where you want his landing foot to go and tell him to step on that spot when he pitches…if he does it repetitivly it should fix the landing problem.

also here is some pics comparing his back to a couple pros u see on the site

back pretty well leaned over …it helps get your whole body into the pitch…and your kids a big kid so it should help some.

here is another

and here is your son

i would enjoy someone elses thoughs on this kids mechanics…sinc eim still young i dont know everything and im just shooting out what i beleive to be true or what i myself have been taught

I agree w/what GottyJ has said, I wasn’t crazy about the GS Arm - but couldn’t tell from that angle how much it was opening up his front side…

One other thing I see, his landing foot seems to plant closed - causing him to really throw across his body - not allowing for his lower body to finish through properly…

Thanks everyone I’ll work on that… btw I’m his son… The weird part is that he’s said all of this before… :oops: more posts please! All the CONSTUCTIVE critism is wanted

Here’s what I noticed:

(1) Pitcher drops noticeably at start of delivery. (Compare top of head to the fence rail in the background.) This creates extra unnecessary movement and directs some energy up and down instead of toward target.

(2) Glove arm is sort of flung to the side and down a bit. It finished low and to the side.

(3) Knee lift appears rather short.

(4) Stride length appears rather short.

(5) Head is out in front of front foot at release. This means pitcher is not in a position to optimally use the body to throw so more stress is put on the arm.

(6) Pitcher falls forward after release.

To fix (1), start with the knees bent more.

To fix (2), focus on getting the glove arm into an opposite and equal position with the throwing arm. This means the upper arms are aligned and the upper arm-to-forearm angles are the same for both arms. As the shoulders rotate, the glove should turn over and remain fixed up and in front of the chest while the chest moves to the glove.

I think (1), (3), (4), (5) and (6) are all related. A lowered stance, a taller knee lift, and a little bit more momentum should stretch out the stride keeping the head over the front foot instead of in front of it. This should let the pitcher better use his body to throw and it should also keep the pitcher from falling forward after release.

work with your son with the chair drill, straddle the line drill for better follow through. A scout from the Giant’s give me a pitching drill years ago for follow-through which I’ll pass on to you.
Start from the set position, just stride out to a comfortable length and put a small stone on the ground a foot or two ahead and to the side of the stride (landing) foot. Now go back to the set position, stride to your spot and follow through with the throwing arm and pick the stone from the ground. You gotta bend your back to do this. Experiment and you’ll find your comfortable stride and follow-through. (chair drill & straddle the line will help too). Check you Steve Ellis’s Blog too, I think he’s got photo’s of different things that help the stride & follow through.
Good Luck
Bill :smiley:

I agree with Gotty, most of his pitches are most likely to be high, make sure he follows through and has his leg come over.

Thanks for all the feedback, will start working with him on the things mentioned in previous posts and post another video later in the season. Especially love hearing from other SOX fans :wink:

Just an update of his progress, pitched his first game tonight

3 IP
5 K
2 Hit
1 Run
0 BB

Doing better with the arm flying open, and controll was better, although he went to several full counts before striking people out. Have to work on that don’t know if my heart can take a full season like that :stuck_out_tongue: