12 yo LHP


This is a video of my 12 yo son. He is entering his last year of Little League. The video is from fall ball, late September 2016. I’m interested to hear feedback on how I can help him continue to improve.

I feel like, in his arm swing, he leads with his elbow, keeping the ball close to his head. I suspect he does this subconsciously as a way to be more accurate. Thoughts on this, and everything else, are greatly appreciated.

He throws hard for his age, but we have never clocked him. He’s difficult to hit at this distance.


Quick observations …

  1. Too vertical. Kind of stands and falls forward.
  2. Needs to load hips/lead with hips more and drive off his post leg.
  3. Stride appears too short. Should be length of his height (more or less).
  4. Definitely short-arms. Needs to get glove and throwing arm opposite and equal.


I think south_paw’s point # 2 is on the right track. This pitcher leads with his front shoulder instead of his front hip. (Stop the video at peak of knee lift and observe his posture.) This causes a sequencing issue whereby his shoulders rotate ahead of hips which breaks the energy transfer up the chain resulting in little - if any - contribution from his lower half (he throws mostly with just his arm).

This will be a significant change so I suggest working only on this one change. As he gets comfortable, other things such as “equal & opposite” may take care of themselves.

Consider doing lots of Hershiser drill and Crossover drill. Search Youtube for examples of these drills.