12 year old pitching

Just looking for some feedback on some video from today on my son’s pitching mechanics (he’s just getting ready to start 7th grade).

Wow…Who was he mad at?

YES! Intent to throw hard! He leads with his hips wonderfully and has a good upper body action. I wouldn’t change anything i can see. Also, don’t let him lose that intent to throw hard. Kids need to be taught to throw hard from a young age. Teaching control then velocity doesn’t seem to work well.

An example is Billy Wagner. You may or may not have heard of him. Anyhow, he had a childhood no one should have to deal with. He would go out and throw against a brick wall with a strike zone painted on, his brother counting balls and strikes. However, he threw this ball as hard as he could, he had purpose behind his throws. Anger, pain.

The point is that the pitcher in the video has intent. Its something that’s hard to teach. His mechanics are good to boot as well. Focus on him throwing HARD, and give him a strike zone to try and hit. He looks very good.

Love the intent. He is WAY ahead of most pitchers in terms of intent to throw hard and rotation. Very impressive overall.

Just curious, how hard does he currently throw?

So, how is his control with all of that intent?

I agree about what was said over on BBfev…his head violence is either an issue or going to be one. I have heard a few college coaches comment that head violence was a red flag for them.
Also Mc I remember he had an injury issue, is he all the way past that now?

He still looks as dominant as any kid his age…Dusty and you have done terrific work…I really admire the work and constant research…you really are a model for getting a young kid to throw at great velo. I will continue to watch how you and Dusty develop the boy with great admiration and hope.

i love it!

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback!

JDfromfla, actually, I think you may have the wrong kid (not sure who Dusty is). :slight_smile: As far as injuries, he’s had one very minor bout with little league shoulder a couple of years ago (3 week rest). Control-wise, he could be better, but he’s a little over 60% strike/ball.

Size-wise, he’s still a prepuberty 5’1" 100 lbs, and is throwing 70-71 mph.

I’m sorry McCloven, I thought you and your son were students of Dusty Delso, one of our regular posters and a big “throw the crap out of the ball” guy.

Really glad he’s totally healthy.

I’d be working a bit on the frontside to give the head some stability…more there is better.

Laflippin has some great slo-mo of Lincecum on his YouTube Channel…check out his technique to keep his head still and your boy will be shocked at the velo AND pin point accuacy that accompanies getting the head stable.

JD, thanks. We did look at some videos of Lincecum and we tried to work a bit on head movement. Trying to incorporate it, while making sure he doesn’t add “mechanicalness” (pretty sure that’s not a word :slight_smile: )/impact his freeness of throwing.

While doing so, I came across this article on ‘violent’ movements for pitchers that I thought was interesting (the various ways nontraditional/violent ways pitchers get it done):

Great article, really enjoyed it. :smiley:

Wow, totally agree with others, awesome intent! That’s some really impressive momentum and lower half/back leg drive. I’d reiterate what jdfromfla said about working some more on the front side. My first thought was a weak landing leg since his momentum carried him so far beyond his front foot, but taking a closer look he actually braces up really well for a kid his age. Cues like “control your glove” can help with that glove arm getting a little wild there at the end. Sometimes fixing that can also correct that violent head action. But aside from firming up that front side a little better, looks outstanding. Keep up the good work!