12 Year Old pitching mechanics

Due to a lack of velocity in the past month or so I took him out to the yard to throw a bit to see if we could find anything wrong with his mechanics but couldn’t really find anything to major…

At the beginning of the year we clocked him in the 59-64 range, then as the season started he seems to have lost something… hes throwing in the 55-60 mph range.

His command is great, good movement on the pitches but his fastball lacks that bite that it used to have. Now instead of blowing away hitters they foul off a few and give him more of a fight.

Any input??

Longtime reader, first time poster. Anyway, he looks real good. The only thing that I could see is that it appears that he’s landing with his foot slightly open instead of landing with it slightly closed, which isn’t allowing him to firm up his lower half all the way and opening his hips a tad early. It is kind of hard to tell from the side, but that’s my .02 cents worth. So, have him land with his toe pointing at the batter and see if that adds a little.

Okay, I haven’t looked at the video (computer issues). So I won’t make any comments regarding technique. Something which happened to my son when he was 10 and experiencing the same thing was he was being overworked. Because, the other pitchers weren’t as effective he was used a lot in the early season. Another thing he was starting to experience pain in his elbow which unnfortunately he tried to tough out without mentioning it to me. By the end of the season his velocity was much lower and he basically had to be shut down for a couple months. Lesson learned. Hopefully, your son is not experiencing any similar, but you should check with him. Also, could it be the batters are improving or getting used to your son’s speed? Just some thoughts.

I used to have ups and downs with velocity, too. Came and went, for months at a time. My dad and I would always try to work through it with extra throwing, long toss and shoulder exercises. Also tried running sprints, changing my diet. Basically anything. I’ve concluded that it just happens throughout the course of a pitcher’s career. Heck, I’ve even gone whole seasons (3-4 months long!) where my velocity was down significantly. My point is this: stay positive! Keep working. Keep plugging away and don’t get discouraged. You’re doing a nice job. Keep it up!

Thanks for everyones input!

His lead foot was landing open slightly because he was over striding a few inches.

So I had him shorten his stride a bit (he now strides his body height) and now he’s on top of the ball more will is throwing over his front let much better.

His speed as increased a little and I think were on the right track.

Kid looks great, mostly. His front foot lands open for sure but I’ll suggest that it’s because he opens it up waaaay early. Watch how the toes point to the sky and you can even see the bottom of his right foot just as comes down and he’s about to start into the stride. It then turns toward home immediately. Try having him lead with the side of his foot or even the heel and do it longer. I’m not so concerned about the length of the stride because he’s getting some good momentum. I’m just concerned that his mental imagery on it is to throw the foot out there as opposed to firing the lead hip and the centre of gravity sideways toward the plate.

The next thing I see is posture. Now, the NPA guys here can speak to this well but what I see is that he starts out fabulously with a nice “sit” into the beginning of the stride, head positioned well, leading with his hip. Then, at front foot landing, his head is tilted very far back toward the first base side, bringing everything else with it. Combine this with the open foot and you have a lot of stuff moving away from the direction he’s trying to throw the ball. I’d suggest asking Roger or laflippin to help in this regard.

The last thing I see is that, at landing, his throwing side elbow is really, really low. That’s mitigated a bit by the fact that he’s tilted so far back and the camera’s not exactly perpendicular to his spine angle at that point but it’s still very, very low. See if you can get that a tad higher, somewhere around shoulder height when going through that zone.

Just some fine tuning but this kid has some nice things going on. Keep up the good work.


Ill be posting a video soon after we work on the things that have been mentioned.