12 year old pitching inside

hey im 12 and i have my first start in a couple of days, but i keep pitching too much inside. i cant figure out whether its my mechanics or something else. could someone give me some checkpoints that i could use to see if i could solve my problem.

First thing that comes to mind is—just where are you standing on the pitching rubber? You might try repositioning yourself, either in the middle or on the other side, and that might help. You want to move the ball around—high, low, inside, outside, and change speeds, and even when hyou throw inside to the batter you want to get more movement of the ball, make it difficult for him to pick up on the pitch and get good wood on it. The White Sox’ Jose Contreras often moves around on the mound, depending on the hitter he has to face, and when his stuff is working for him he gets good results.
And make sure your balance and your release point are where you would like them to be. 8)

if you having problem with that you shnould be standing on the oppsite side of the rubber. and go back to normal if you do want to pitch inside sometimes