12 Year Old Pitcher - 13U - Help!

Sorry, that I am not posting game footage or off the mound footage. I will soon, but right now this is all I have to work with.

Here are some problems I see and you guys tell me if that is correct and what I could do to help them…

I feel like his momentum is not active towards home early enough.
And possibly because of this his stride lenght is not very big and he doesnt have a super powerful delivery.

He lands with his front leg bent and all weight on front ankle. His weight never moves back up the front leg because of it.
He also leans over that front leg too much.

What else? And how do we fix these current problems?

his rhythm is off because he is trying to stride to far.

Lotta things I like actually… atheletic kid with quick arm.

Most kids struggle with “staying back”… I think your son may struggle with too much tilt. Check out Herschiser drills & read up on being “stacked” & keeping your midline points/center of gravity connected.

Lotta benefits to keeping your weight back, but overdoing it causes issues as well. Previous poster mentioned overstriding… check the stride length to his heigth… 80-87% at that age is ideal. I’d prefer to error on the short side… as other poster mentioned, overstriding jacks up timing.

Landing on a bent leg is good as long as the knee doesnt drift forward. As the plant leg straightens his upper half rotates & comes into play. Transfer of energy… velocity.

Keep him going… like a lot of what I see & love the potential.


Thanks for the reply JTWilson. I have read your reply here and on other posts and they are all very insightful and well written. I thank you for volunteering your time into helping me get Luis better.

Any more thoughts on the latest videos?
Also, how do you feel about long toss programs, and how do oyu go about them and how often?