12 Year Old learning the wind up - see movie

My son has been pitching from the stretch for 4 years. I have got his mechanics near perfect from that position. I have recently begun the process of teaching him the wind up. I see him opening his front hip a little too soon. What other areas should I focus on? Please keep in mind that this video was only his second session of wind up practice.

your kids got some size for a 12 year old, do u have any idea how fast hes throwing. and i voted for what i usually do in a game if i dont get hit hard before 105 pitches that my limit.

I do not measure his speed. I focus strictly on control and placement. I would estimate his fastball in the upper 50’s and his change-up in the mid 40’s. his arsenal is as follows:

  1. 4 seam fastball
  2. 2 seam fastball (slight movement)
  3. circle change
  4. splitter (great movement)

Looks pretty good exept for velocity

I see 200 hits to the video but I am not seeing any constructive feedback. Let me tell you what I see when I slow the video down to half speed. I see him opening his front hip a little too soon and i see his weight coming forward too soon which means he is losing power. Fo those of you out there who coach pitching at a higher level, is there something I am missing?


I think your kid looks pretty good. He appears to get going forward early. Arms appear to get to an equal and opposite position at foot plant. He keeps his head and shoulders stacked upright into release. I don’t really see him opening his hips early. The do have to open partially to allow the front foot and leg to open into foot plant. But the rest of his hip rotation appears to happen after foot plant which is proper sequencing.

The only things I see that I can comment on are:

(1) He has a bit of a soft glove. It’s good into foot plant (equal and opposite) and he turns it over and keeps it in front of his chest through shoulder rotation and external rotation of the throwing arm. But then it drops and sort of flails as the throwing arm whips forward. That will misdirect some energy and rob some velocity. He needs to keep the glove stabilized in front just a bit longer - until ball release. Also, not letting the glove drop and swing behind him will put him in a better position to defend himself against a come-backer.

(2) He has a slight tilt of the head and spine to the glove side at release. Again, allowing the head and spine to move offline late in the delivery will misdirect energy and steal some velocity, pull the release point back, and possibly affect control.

(3) He appears to have a back foot drag line that extends straight forward or maybe off to the glove side a bit. Try moving him over to the throwing arm side of the rubber more so that his drag line ends on the centerline of the rubber. Do this before messing with (2) above and see what it does to his posture.

I know you said you don’t measure his velocity and I agree that the younger kids don’t need a big focus on that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work on things that will help.

Regarding your poll above, if by “under 15” you mean 14 then I would pick 80 as a good target. But if you mean even younger, then I would pick lower numbers depending on age. Of course, this all assumes proper rest.

Regarding those 200 hits on the video, I’ve probably replayed it 20 or more times. Don’t know if “replay” = “hit”.

That is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for so we can get to work on tweaking his motion. I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate and offer guidance.