12 year old could use some help


Please take a look at this 12 year olds video and give him some help if you could. He is fairly accurate and now is looking for a more velocity. Throws 58-62 mph from 45 feet. Pitches a 4 seam, 2 seam, change-up and occasional curve with 12-6 action. The change up is straight and he can get a right to left dip where it looks like it will hit the batter and then fall over to the left of the plate.

This is my son and he get limited help up here in Alaska. He plays on a competitive team that travels out of state 3-4 times a year but other than that we have enough time to get in around 16 games a year up here by the time the snow leaves and the returns. All total he plays 15 to 20 games out of state and then the 16 within. We have number of coaches up here and I don’t want to see him hurt with poor mechanics. He loves to play and dreams of college so if anyone could give a little advice it would be appreciated. I know that he is young but we got to get the help where we can. Thank you.

A couple of things for him to work on would be;

  1. As he releases the ball his body is almost straight up, pull the ball down by bringing the right hand to or near the left knee…this will bring the entire upper body into the throwing motion.
  2. Glove side, once he starts to pull his glove back it stops and drops to his side, needs to be pulled completely back to allow the right shoulder to face the target.

Good things are, nice balance, break and hip explosion for a 12 year old.

Good Luck

Best advice is to move to a southern state! If that’s not possible, an indoor training facility where he can work out year round (not just on baseball, but his conditioning, strength and agility, and speed training) can really be beneficial.

There are also various programs out there that are baseball specific and use tubing, weighted balls, plyo, medicine balls, etc to train and strengthen the proper muscles. These aren’t cheap, but if he’s only getting 40 games a year, he needs to have some other opportunities to develop.