12 needs final tweeking

We have been working all winter with DustyDelso and a few things that Coachxj commented on and others from the forum, we would like any further tweeks befor season. Tim

everything is pretty solid but one thing I notice is that right as he’s releasing the ball it seems like he’s pulling his head to the first base side. I see it at the 19 second mark. This is causing him to pull his arm across the ball rather than continue to throw through the ball. It’s not severe but could be costing him a couple mph’s. If he could heep his head in line or inside his front knee he would probably be a little more consistent and may even get some natural sink on the ball. Pretty solid otherwise though.

I wouldn’t mess with this kid at all, including his head movement. He’s showing some excellent mechanics here and needs to simply practice them to get used to them and work on tempo with some trial and error. The intent to move out quickly and rotate hard might be something to work on. Tinkering with things right now might just ruin him. He’s doing great.

Fire away there guy. Good work!!

looks like he could be throwing uphill a bit

I too think his mechanics are good. I really like the follow through. The only thing he needs to work on is a quicker delivery from the stretch to help control the running game. He can work on knee to knee or quickly raising the stride leg to about mid-thigh height. Time him to the plate at1.3 to about 1.6or7. The latter being what a high school player might do, and the former the average a pro player should achieve.

Very nice.

Don’t mess with him.

This is our second season with Dusty, my boy works really hard for him so it pays off…

that’s a grrrr-animal on the hill. can i be his agent? we will need to work on the stretch position. it’s a bit slow, but everythin else looks good to me. stay on the protein shakes and off the sugar.

you got a keeper. good job dad. the core workout will do nothing but get him better. focus on loose, throwing strikes, perfecting the change to the point he will throw it behind in the count to go with his breaking pitch, and strengthen the core (tighten the springs).

dylan is working on all 3 of his pitches looking the exact same for the first 4 ft out of his hand. that is where j is at too.

We threw last night and got rid of the lean to 1st base side and got him to throw with a little more intent at the top. He seems to be a little more accurate at 80 to 85% insted of trying to come out of his shoes on every pitch. Tim