12 miles?

I know you guys have said running long distance makes you weaker and only works slow twitch, but is it alright to ride 6 miles to the gym, workout, then ride home 6 miles?

well distances like you’ve said only work slow twitch muscle fiber…
BUUUTTTTT… Id rather see someone ride 6miles to the gym to work out rather than sit on the coach.
Just do sprints before/after or at the gym to get those fast twitch fibers and you should be fine.
Some of the hardest pitchers in the game were/are runners or consistently run long distances.

If you’re a hard gainer like myself, those 12 miles are going to kill you. Well, not literally kill you, but hinder your results. If you can ride the bus to the gym, I would do that. But if not, ride the bike. Just make sure you consume in adequate amount of calories to fullfill your goals!