12-6 curve

i was wondering how to throw a 12-6 curve. i threw one when i was 13 but my 14 year old season i pretty much lost most of the things i knew about pitching after being hit with a line drive in the head. so i had to attend some pitching camps and get individual lessons to get my rythym back. so a grip for a 12-6 curve would be greatly appreciated!

12-6 curveball is just the axis of your curveball if thrown 3/4 a curveball is a 2-7 curveball sidearm it’s a 3-8 curveball and straight over hand it’s a 12-6 curveball just throw your curveball with a higher arm slot

grip iot like an off center 2 seam then wut i do is pull it down it breaks for me a good 2.5 feet if i start it at the waist it ends up in the dirt