11yo Pitching Mechanics

My son just turned 11…wanted to get some input on his mechanics. Just bought the Tuff Cuff Jr. book, so we are going to be working on a few things but I want to get some up-front opinions on anything I may be missing. These are all 4-seam fastballs, and he is throwing from 50ft (making the jump from 46). I have some additional video of him throwing from the stretch, if that would be helpful. I didn’t have enough space to actually get a better angle to video from, so hopefully this works.

Thanks in advance…

He moves well. And I especially like the big smile after the first pitch. :smiley:

To me, like many kids, he could improve quickly by using his lower half better–his front leg seems to be moving out more quickly than his back leg/knee (though the angle of the video is tough). I would look at the Hershiser drill or some of BaseballThinkTank’s stuff on using your hips. He looks like he doesn’t lead with his hips/project his hips as well as he could, which leads to less than optimal hip to shoulder separation as he throws (relying more on his arm than his body)–though better than many his age.

Because he seems athletic, I think he’ll figure it out VERY quickly once he starts those drills and he’ll be ahead of the game!

Thanks for the reply! Coincidentally, we JUST started doing the Hershiser drill last week! I don’t think he has really done it enough times for it to have left any sort of lasting impression on him yet…lol! The video was from his second ever BP from 50 feet. He was probably able to get away with mostly arm from 46 feet, so I agree that he has to utilize his lower body more in order to continue to be effective the farther the mound gets. I appreciate the baseballthinktank advice…I joined late last nite and looked at some of the videos. I came across one that required a password, so I emailed them this morning to see how to get access to that content. I googled a few other things about hip/shoulder separation as well, and I THINK we are headed in the right direction. I will post video of his next BP after working on some of this stuff (and try to get a better angle…I could probably get him from the first base side for some of of his pitches…would that help? Not sure if that will really show his hips, but I can try it out).

Thanks again!

Here is an updated video from yesterday’s bullpen. Hopefully the angle is a little better. It may be too quick to expect any dramatic improvements, but when I look at stills from the session, there seems to be better hip/shoulder separation than there was before. Are we on the right path? Do we need MORE separation?

I like your sons mechanics I like how he gets his lead elbow up so high something my sons pitching coach really stresses. Have you ever gunned your son’s velocity? Not that it really matters at his age but he looks like he throws pretty hard. BTW I like the hat are you a Tiger fan?

Thanks! No, never clocked him…I’ve always been curious about how hard he throws, but have resisted the urge to gun him. He throws well…there are definitely harder throwing kids on the team, but he can hold his own. We’re trying to maximize whatever we can with regards to his mechanics…poor kid weighs only 68 lbs (eats like a HOUSE, but can’t gain any weight…yet) and I almost feel like it’s going to be pretty hard to gain much velocity with that little weight behind it if he can’t maximize his torque. Most of the kids who throw significantly harder than he does outweigh him by 25+ lbs.

Sadly, we are Marlins fans :oops: …which actually makes us Detroit fans (Miguel Cabrera, Anibal Sanchez, Omar Infante), Toronto Fans (Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Emilio Bonifacio) and LA fans (Hanley Ramirez, Ricky Nolasco)

Wow I guess the Tigers raided the talent from the Marlins. It’s unbelievable we were able to get those guys from the Marlins. Whoever let Cabrera go should be executed this guy is going to be one of the all time greats for sure. Infante and Sanchez are great players too. As a Detroiter we are very proud to call those three guys Tigers!

I’ll post a video highlighting your son’s mechanics. The video is unlisted on my channel. It’s currently uploading.

Basically what it’s showing is your son’s hip/shoulder separation or lack there of separation.

Here are some links I had saved on my computer. I don’t know if they’ll help, but here they:



The video I made will follow shortly

Thanks for the reply Jimster! That video was from the first bullpen I uploaded…we have been trying to focus on hip/shoulder separation since then (only a week’s worth of work)…to ME it looks like it has gotten marginally better from the first video to the second one. Feel free to dissect the second video as well…I’m here for the constructive criticism!

In this video, I look at the two videos, older one and the newer one.

After looking at that video, take a look at my other video.

This is a slow motion video of Nolan Ryan pitching. Notice his back leg at around footplant and compare it with you’re son’s.

You should notice a difference in his back foot and leg mechanics.

YOu need to learn to stand solidly after you released your pitches

For example, Cliff Lee, Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan