11yo pitcher

Please comment. Thank you.

He looks comfortable for an 11 y/o. Mechanics are above average too I’d say.

He seems to be placing his foot, as opposed to striding with it.

Thats an athletic kid. That jumps out immediately to me. And lefty. Lucky gene pool kid:)

Lower half mech’s needs development. Start w/ some video of the Herschiser drill & get him to buy into the philosophy of lower half is what really projects the ball.

Wow, I’ve seen some very nice vidz on 10-12U kids on this site lately. Add your little guy to the list.

took another peak… not saying to fix overnite (especially if he’s inseason) but he has a “quiet” lower half.

The telling pts are the short stride (he shld be 80-87% of his height on his stride length… rubber to lets middle of foot plant position). His back foot pops up early… another sign of short stride & a lower half thats not being optimized.

Simply speeding up the delivery, again focusing on the lower body movements, will really help.

That Herschiser drill will ensure he’s leading with the hip to the target first.

Lot of people just measure out the target distance of the stride & tell the kid “hit it”… I wouldn’t even tell him the end result your looking for, just get him to feel the hip drill & working a little faster to the plate with the bottom half. Next ya know he’ll be at that 80-87%.

I had my kid make some pitches specifically as fast as he could drive to the plate but under control. I also had him make throws from behind the plate trying to nail an imaginary runner stealing. that quick sense of urgency & have to use his legs popping from the crouch helped him translate the “dynamic” movement we wanted on the hill.

Yall have done some great things I can tell… that & the previously mentioned things he posses that cant be taught= a kid with a lotta upside.

Keep him healthy & enjoy!

Thank you for the great analysis and valuable tips.