11U Pitcher Control problems, throwing high

New to this forum but like what I see so far. My 11U son has been a solid pitcher for 3 seasons now but has always seemed to throw high and not command the strike zone as well as some other kids. thought I would post some videos to see if anyone could identify some blatant issues. I’ve uploaded 7 total but listed only 2 below. Thanks for the help!

Control wise, first thing I noticed is that he doesn’t use his glove side at all. He curls it, but it just kind of hangs limply there not doing anything. Get that glove active and pull around. You say he misses high a lot, that could be the issue, as he does throw pretty much straight over the top so if he rotates more then it will theoretically bring the ball down in the zone. The other thing I see is that his stride is pretty darn short on the side view, but that kind of seems like an artifact of the uphill surface he’s throwing on. Make sure he’s driving with the back leg and getting that front foot out there when he’s on the mound.

However not necessarily on the topic of control but power is that his throw is almost completely arm at this point. He’s not getting any power from his legs and little from his hips. First, I mentioned this above, his stride is super short it seems. Take this picture of tim lincecum for example and then compare it with about second 00:03 of the video where he touches down and you can see a huge difference
I think one of the reasons is that he’s not leading with the hip and driving with his back leg at all. If he gets his hips out in front and pushes with his back leg then his front leg is going to have to come out or else he’ll fall over. This video demonstrates really well what I’m talking about


I would think your son would have issues with both high and inside and low and away misses. In the top link Will pitching #2 you can see that he lands with his foot open towards the first base side and his front knee also open to that side and not so firm. If you were to have him positioned so the concrete seam went through the middle of his back foot then his front foot should land very close to on top of the seam and pointed at the target or even slightly towards the right handed batters box.

To begin to better develop his direction you might have him reduce the leg lift and focus on driving to the target with his right hip. I believe his current leg swing into foot plant may exacerbate the front foot misalignment. He needs to develop more drive in any event.

Like Termhm I think he could use a firmer glove side, although I do not recommend pulling with it at this point. I suspect that if he begins to pull with it before he has learned to establish direction it will promote early shoulder rotation.

To be clear I would establish direction through hip drive and firm glove side and them proceed from there.

Best of luck,


This kid needs to learn “The Secret”.

Great feedback guys. That’s exactly what i was looking for. My son will likely believe it more since it is coming from others than his dad.

now we just need to tweak the hitting a bit.

is there a letstalkhitting.com??