11U pitch Analysis help

Can I get some advice on my sons mechanics ? The few things that I see, which seem a little obvious… The glove hand tends to fly out, rather than tucking it in. It also appears he cocks his elbow in (80 degrees) but manages to get it to a get in 90 as the hips open up. Any advice would be appreciated

side view-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LKoSz-ilRM
rear view-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_oze71ESbI
front view-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aCd86BAuhE

Your son’s mechanics are generally OK, but three things stick out to my eye which should probably be fixed.

  1. His lift leg could come up higher in the “balance” position. It’s below the hips, which is a touch too low. Aim for hip-level or higher. (Think about Nolan Ryan’s leg lift and then look at your son’s.) Ryan’s is way up high. Your son’s is very low. You don’t have to be as high as Ryan, but it should be higher, in my opinion.)

  2. He strides open, which prematurely opens the hips – but he lands toes pointed to the target, which is excellent. Place a piece of tape down the center of the mound out about 5 feet out and have your son stride out, ball of foot landing on that strip of tape. This will help “close” him up a bit.

  3. He lands on a soft front (stride) leg, and doesn’t brace up properly, which is why it looks as though he’s “walking” off the mound after he makes a pitch. Your son should stride out and land with a bent knee, BUT … as he delivers the pitch, the knee should gradually firm up or become straighter as the body and arm come over the top of it and decelerate in the follow through.

I’d just work on one or two things at once. It’ll help him retain it and make it stick faster.


  1. Although I can’t tell because YouTube doesn’t allow for frame by frame analysis, I believe his elbow is far too low coming through. I know, Chris, it shouldn’t be high and I don’t really disagree with you there, but this is very low, at least from what I can tell at this speed. Maybe frame by frame will tell me different.

  2. My main concern is over how this pitcher lands on the front foot. He is completely sideways. At this point, his hips should have opened while the shoulders should be still sideways. I’ve seen several kids do this because of someone passing on Dick Mills’ recommendation that nothing rotates until AFTER footplant. This recommendation was incorrect and Mills recognized it. This young man needs to rotate his hips just as his front foot turns over to land, while keeping the shoulders sideways. Study the Nolan Ryan clip below.

Put some tennis shoes on the boy and take some more pics. I don’t trust that these pics are representative since he is obviously slipping and sliding on the cement floor in his socks. First, it may mask a mechanical problem or introduce one into his delivery that he wouldn’t have otherwise. Second, he can’t feel 100% comfortable and confident without sure footing.

hoseman18, nice catch!!