11U Lefty

Any advice or suggestions on mechanics for my 11-year old would be great.



Lots of good stuffs there. IN this age group I would put effort towards the body flowing to the target. Your son flows off to his glove side a bit to much. First thing he needs to work on is his glove side mechanics. He needs to bring it is high and tight , not loose and swinging off to the side. My version of the towel drill. Have your son get a small towel (kitchen towel ) . Run this whole drill like a normal towel drill with the following exceptions 1. don’t worry about the snap of the towel. 2. All you are going to look at are your sons lines spine and head flowing forward. You will need to keep adjusting him and talk to him and make sure he is feeling it when it’s done correct. 3. This is most important LOW reps 10 per day but perfect. This will make life easy.

His arm action looks pretty good except he raises it above his shoulder after removing it from his glove. Ideally you and to lead with the elbow and pinch the shoulder blades no higher than shoulder height (scap loading). He seems to be leading with the hand instead of the elbow.

Overall I think he looks good for 11.

I believe focusing on arm action in this age group is the way to go.


Thanks so much for the great feedback.

You guys into the Phils? Looks like someone took Hamels and Lee, then put them together.

We are not Phillies fans, but I appreciate the complement!