11 yr old pitcher

I am an 11 year old pitcher. Last season I threw accurately but not too fast. I still had many k’s. This year, the teams are hitting me a lot more often. I know that I need to increase my speed. What can I do? Are there exercises that I should try? Training to work on?

I am 5’, 87 lbs. My 2 & 4 seam average 52 mph. I’d like to increase that. There’s another pitcher on my team that throws a lot faster and the coach seems to be liking him alot more.

Thanks for any advice.

what i would do is talk to the pitcher who the coach likes more and see if he can give u a tip or two. Then see if he can also tell you what training he does to throw his pitches faster

throw more change ups-seriously.

to increase speed:

1)Throw more off a mound
2) Long toss
3) Some moderate strength training will not hurt.
4) If you have the $$$ for a pitching coach-get one
5) Some teams offer camps and talks for free-go to them

  • You should have some speed differnces between your 2 seamer and 4 seamer. Are you sure they are coming in at the same speed?


I coach an 11U AAA travel team.Long toss,I agree.3rd base distance across dimond or so.Make sure you are “behind the ball” with your fingers pushing through it out in front of you.Often called on top of the ball,but kids seem to spike it in the dirt if you explain it that way…start off normal,and walk your way back to 90-100 ft a couple steps at a time.Do this 3 dys wk minimum.Check back soon—P.S.–practice this winter,silly,when the guys are all playing video games!!

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to increase speed:

  1. Some moderate strength training will not hurt.


What are some good exercises for a ten year old for moderate strength training?


Another important thing to remember: you’re still growing, and you’re sure to hit at least one growth spurt in the next couple of years. As you grow taller, you’ll probably put on some weight, and that should contribute to an increase in strength. So hang in there. 8)

Thanks, Zita. Sometimes the best approach is the simplest. We’ll give this a try and see how it goes. Doublebag.