11 yr old Pitcher Analysis

Any advice on my son’s pitching motion would be appreciated…he is 11…has good velocity and control. I think he may be overstriding…and may need to get his lead elbow up…

Good balance on the post, your leg might be a little higher than needed but it doesn’t seem to effect balance at this point. Just before the foot strike the foot seems a bit far off the ground, weather you use a toe of heal lead you want the foot strike to be controlled. The only other thing i can see right now is when he comes to the post he tends to come up onto his toe quite high vs keeping the right foot flat on the ground. Your pitching looks good for your age, keep it up.

I think your timing is off. Your arm is real delayed in the L position. When you are in you post position your body rises when you start your delievery. You push up on your toes. I would love for comments on the timing. Your son looks tall. It helps to have sizes and speeds on the posts. Best of luck.

He is tall for his age. I’ve heard similar comments about timing…basically that his arm is getting involved too early…I think you are right about the arm cock being to early in the motion…

I’m sure he shouldn’t get on toe on post leg…didn’t even know he did it until looked at video…

I also think he strides a little too much forcing his lead leg to bend too much

A pause in the arm action can be a sign that the arm is waiting for the body to catch up. Ways to get the body to move faster are to eliminate unnecessary movements and then concentrate on moving faster.

A time eater that I see is that at knee/leg lift his head and body moves away from the target. He loses some time to stop and gather the body and then switch direction to move toward the target. It is important that the center of balance stay inside the pivot foot rather than on top. His setup, especially his feet position, is actually pretty good so this may be just an awareness problem that he can solve with a slight balance adjustment once the issue is explained.

A common drill to get the feel for this is the Hershiser drill.

One thought on moving faster. Tom House says the weaker the kid the faster he should move- less time for things to go wrong, less strength needed to maintain stability.

Another thing I’d pay attention to is the lateral trunk and head tilt that he has at release. IMO this starts with a mid delivery posture change where he leans back toward first base just after he separates his hands. As he rotates he simply follows his body weight and strides well left of center and releases with quite of bit of trunk and head tilt.

I assume the device in the last segment is to correct his stride direction. This is sort of a chicken/egg situation but in order to stride within the device he had to first establish and maintain a better posture. He still had some tilt but to a lesser degree. Adding the simple cue “eyes level” may help the posture issue. It’s pretty hard to lean back toward first if you keep your eyes level.

IMO his stride length is very good and will serve him well as he develops physically. His stability will get better as he gains functional strength. Be patient.