11 yr old-looking for a critique (updated video)

My son and I really appreciate the input. I’ve attached both previous videos along with the new one. He watched the Jimenez video and liked bringing the hands up over the head. Your feelings ? He’s taking the pause out at leg lift. Let me know what you think and what else he might work on.

Thanks !!



I did notice one other thing, at about :08 of the newest video you will see that his body actually starts to move back toward the pitching rubber, indicating that his entire body is not moving forward through the pitch. My thought is that he should be able to finish the pitching motion balanced on the left foot at the end of the motion with his right hand down over the left knee.

I like his timing for his age even though I would like to see him a bit taller in the post, I feel he is balling up just a bit and therefore losing some of the height that the mound gives him, I want the pitcher to throw down through the zone, the lower you get the striaghter the ball is and the easier it is to hit.

finally from the front view it looks as though he might be getting a little to the right, if he could get a little more left this can create more shoulder seperation and more natural velocity.

Good Luck

Curious as to what his ball to strike ratio is?

i am not an expert. what helped me was looking at the pros feet. i know its not wrong that his back leg comes of the ground fast, but keeping my back foot on the ground longer got me more power.

At this age I would stay away from anything that the only reason to do it is, “to add more power”, I would instead work on repeatable, solid mechanics which he can then locate a fastball and changeup in spots that he wants. If in the process he gets more power (which as he gets more and more comfortable with pitching he will) then great. Locate his pitches and throw them for strikes will payoff now and later too.

West2east: Roughly 3 ball out of 5, but he’s normally around the plate. Would say he most often misses high.

Good to know that he misses high, my thoughts on that is that at times I notice that he doesn’t get his back flat as much as other times, to work on that he can just do something simple, finish with his wist just above the left knee.