11 yr old - Front and Side view

My son has just completed the spring season and is working to tryout for travel 12u. He was one of three pitchers for his recreation team.

Total Inning pitched = 11
Strike Outs = 15
Walks = 5

He was shelled in one game and was pulled in the 1st.

I and others have said for him to throw 3/4 to high 3/4 last season and this season to lead with the elbow etc. He does what is asked but says he hurts and gets tired easy and his arm falls to the side - balls are then high and inside (hit a batter in the head this year).

He had asked over and over to throw what feels good to him, which looks side arm of sorts. He “seems” faster from this angle and some pitches seem to drop off the table. He started pitching this way at the start of the season and had a cutter/slider that was interesting to watch but they were ending up low and VERY outside.

At any rate, here are two videos that we made today from the front and side. The fields are a muddy due to days of rain. Can anyone look at these and perhaps break them down as to what slot he is throwing and advise on mechanical faults (i know there are some) what to fix and a pitch selection he should be looking at - can a cutter come from this angle?

At a high 3/4 his fastball darts but from this angle is drops or drives in on a right hand batter. I used to pitch 3/4 so I feel like I don’t know how to help him here. Thanks for you help

The last pitch from the Front was his best pitch - he mentioned that after watching the video.

To me, it looks like he is notleading with his hips at all. His follow through could use some touch up also. Drive off the back leg which will produce more of forward stride and then his back leg will follow naturally. I think his glove hand is doing something weird but I will have to look at it again. The arm slot is what it is man. I wouldn’t try to change up hi natural throwing motion. If it is natural for him to throw “sidearm” then leave it and let him develop it.

OK, i looked at his glove hand some more. It appears as though he is not using it to his advantage. Have him point that glove hand right at the catcher then try to pull his body to that glovehand. It looks like he is trying to create torque by swinging that glovehand to his side instead of pointing it and pulling his body towards that glovehand. Once he gets used to that, he can pull that glovehand in to his armpit while pulling his body at the time (if that makes any sense). Watch a video of most major league pitchers and watch their glove hand and hopefully it will make more sense.

Thanks for looking. I worked with him again today.

He noticed the accuracy was better by going to the glove as opposed to pulling it away (he didn’t do that when he pitch higher). I walked him back 70 feet and had him throw to me which he did without any problems. I pulled him back to 46’ and told him to throw just as hard as if he had to hit me from 70 feet…the speed increase was significant along with accuracy. I think he is now really engaging the core.

He is trying to use the same pitches (2-seam, cutter/slider and circle change) and not having much success. His 2-seam is dead on, but cant get the cutter or change to work. He tried a circle change which looked like a fastball and when it was 5 feet from me, it it the ground -

Anyone that throws like him have any suggestions on grip and what to throw here?

I will be posting an update when we can iron out some of your suggestions.

Thanks again