11 yr old feedback needed ASAP!

Hi all, I’m new here and would like to get some feedback on my sons pitching. I have
included a slow motion video and a full speed. He is having some minor control issues
which are affecting his mental game as well. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Glove-side: Two distinct issues, I think, but they may be related. First, your son’s glove looks far too large for his size, and for his role as a pitcher. I’m guessing that glove weighs upwards of 2 lbs, and in the other hand he is holding (and trying to throw with a consistent release point) a 5 oz baseball. My 15 yo pitcher is 6’2", weighs 175, and his glove is smaller (and I’m guessing quite a bit lighter) than your boy’s glove. There is a lot to be said for maintaining good dynamic balance between the throwing arm and the glove-side arm during launch of a baseball.

The other glove-side issue, again, possibly related to the glove itself (but possibly an independent problem as well) is lack of glove-side arm stability before the ball is released.

During launch of the baseball, i.e., between the point of maximal external rotation (when the forearm lays back) and release of the ball, elite pitchers swivel their glove into place somewhere out in front of the torso…often approx. above the stride foot…and they stabilize it briefly out there while they bring their torso forward to meet the glove (not the reverse…i.e., “pulling the glove in”).

Your son looks to me like he is dropping that glove down to his side before ball release.

Tom House has discussed this common pitching flaw quite a lot in his recent books, and certainly at all of the pitching clinics he holds…glove control (based on the nmemonic phrase “swivel and stabilize”) is a very important issue for controlling the release point. It’s huge.

Eventually, your son might also want to start getting his front hip going toward the target before his leg lift is completed. Generating early momentum toward the target, besides helping with velocity, can also help somewhat with dynamic balance. Conversely, if he needs to create all of his forward momentum after the top of his leg lift, while trying to maintain static balance on one foot, that is just not as effective for most young pitchers. There are some guys who can do that very well, but they are the exception.

[Note added in edit: Start using a tripod when you videotape your son’s sports motion–the difference in ‘watchability’ will be stunning, I promise]

Thanks Laflippin.

Thats why I posted. never saw the glove arm relating to a balance issue.

Again thanks a million.



A consistently stable glove along with a consistently stable posture leads to a consistent release point.

Thanks for your reply Roger.

Does anyone see anything else I should be looking at?

I think this guy has a lot of potential and already looks like he has some good velocity and mound presence. After you work on the glove side like LA and Roger pointed out you might want to look at that stride a little. I notice he opens his hips prematurely during his stride by rotating his foot toward the catcher very early in his stride. That early hip rotation (along with lack of glove stability) attributes to his shoulders rotating early - thus robing him of some additional velocity (little to no torque generated by hip/shoulder separation). I certainly wouldn’t say he throws with all arm, but he does throw will all upper body. Keep up the good work!

Your son really needs to clean up his arm action. Not just the glove side, but his throwing arm too.

He should try to achieve a more “fluid” motion with the throwing arm (where it goes down, out, up, and then through release). Right now he picks it up out of his glove (almost at shoulder height), and then throws from there.

He’s only 11 so there are a lot of limitations due to his age and maturity, but you should still look at some video of what a high level thrower does and try to pick some things from that to incorporate into your sons throwing.

I would even say a lot of what he is doing is because he is trying to “look like a pitcher” instead of just trying to go out there and throw the ball as hard as he can.

I would just try to do some long toss with him and see if that doesn’t bring out some good things into his throwing. Not focusing on anything else other than trying to throw the ball as far as he can.

See what he looks like then. It may be better.

Thanks Oc2 an 101.

I agree completely. I noticed yesterday that he was throwing harder and faster while warming up than he did when actually pitching. Funny thing is…he is the one who noticed first. Just hoping I can have him throwing consistent by this weekend, he has to pitch in a tournament.

I have an 11 yr old lefty as well so I’m used to this view :slight_smile: .

For me it looks like the issue is all glove side. On the slomo at about 2:16 watch where his glove is. Should be out front, instead he is moving it along with the rest of his body which make it hard to balance. As he progresses the glove never really finds a straight and balanced path and ends up almost on the ground at finish. Should be tucked in his armpit at finish. Try to keep that glove on a straight line. Pointed at homeplate, back to armpit and tucked. Many think the glove should be pulled back, but the stuff I have read says the body should fall forward into the glove. Watch the pro’s, they all do it.

To All Posters!!!

My son asked me to tell all of you. THANK YOU!!!

His last practice was this evening and he applied the advise given here by all of you.

He threw between 15 and 20 pitches. 3 were balls and only one was hit as a weak grounder.

I will try to post an update video after the tournament for further analysis.

Again Thank you all.