11 yo son being forced to throw only 4 seam fast balls

My son throws a 4 seam, 2 seam, and circle change. He throws near the top velocity of other kids in his league and can throw it by most average hitters. Last season he developed a 2 seamer, which has great late movement, most kids swing and miss or hit weak balls back to the pitcher. After a lot of work his change became his best pitch, a guaranteed strikeout all spring on his travel team. Now his district all star coach is forcing him to throw all fast balls, even pulling him when he thinks he slips in a change. His rationale is he doesn’t want him to slow down when they can’t catch up to the FB. The problem is against all star hitters he keeps getting to 2 strikes, but by the 3 or 4 pitch they are able to make contact or at least foul off and he can’t get the k. The coach won’t listen to me or his travel team coach, so we are stuck with this rule. Any thoughts for setting him up for success within these boundaries.

The 1-finger curveball (thrown with top-spin using the index finger) is a great pitch to try and as easy to throw as casting a fishing line. I can’t think of anyone who had Tommy John surgery from casting a fishing line.

I am really surprised that the coach would not let him use his change up. If they can’t catch up to his fastball thats already great. Plus a change up that hopefully has a good enough speed differential or movement on it would definitely be an asset especially on 2 strikes. The hitters are getting used to the fastball hence why he isn’t getting the swings and misses you son was once getting. If the coach is concerned with arm health then the change up like every pitch, if thrown properly and with good mechanics to go with it shouldn’t be an issue. Finally, you never really discussed on the movement of the two seamer. How much movement does he get on it and depending on it, maybe he can use it to jam bats. Yeah really strange the coach doesn’t want him to slow down when they can’t catch up to the fastball. The point of pitching is to disrupt timing regardless of what level of the game you’re at. Even at the lowest levels like little league you see plenty of kids mix in change ups or take something off the fastball to change the perception of the ball. Sorry for the long response but it really does kind of get my blood boil when a coach doesn’t let their pitcher use their arsenal despite having success with it over some really dumb logic.

Yeah, it is hard to understand and frustrating. It has nothing to do with arm health, that is not it. My wife thinks it is because his son doesn’t throw a change and he doesn’t want our son to show him up. I think some kids slow down their fastballs and call it a change up, and he doesn’t know the difference between that and a proper circle change. The two seamer has a lot of movement and it can be hard to catch for inexperienced catchers as it is both hard and with late movement.

Anyway, we are on the fall ball and different coaches who can help him properly mix up pitches.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Damn that sucks, but thankfully you’re with coaches who can let him use his repertoire as intended.