11 years old too young to work on velocity?

Do you think that 11 years old is too young to work on velocity?

If your kid pitches, and he’s been struck out by a kid who threw heat… There is no telling him to “have fun”… He wants to throw heat.

He’ll eventually try to- with or without your guidance… Don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t guide him to the safest way to maximize his velocity…

I posted about my 8 yr old (yes 8) wanting to work on velocity and I think I ruffled some feathers lol… I don’t want to ruin the kids arm, so what can I do… He throws kind of slow (with very good command). All I got from folks is, who cares, have fun… Ok thanks for that, but when I look out back and he’s throwing to his pitch-back/ball return and whipping his arm as hard as he can… I feel the “have fun” advice is foolish, and even a bit irresponsible.

I’d say this… Work on his mechanics, and his own max velocity will likely come out… Encouraging him to ‘throw harder’ may be asking for an injury…

Velocity will come from proper mechanics and physical maturity. Diet, proper exercise, genetics, etc. attribute to physical maturity. Good instruction, discipline and the desire to throw heat attribute to increased velocity. Yeah, work on the things you can. Velocity is part of the total package.

Reading Stephen Strasburg’s bio, he could throw the ball 90 MPH out of HS but was ignored by college scouts as he was out of shape. San Diego State took a chance with him since he had a 4.37 GPA and if he failed at baseball, he at least was a good student. He’d never exercised in his life. In the first quarter, he worked out, ate right, lost 20 pounds, and velocity increased to 98 MPH. And that’s the rest of the story. Imagine how his story would have been different if he exercised when he was 11.

yes for god sakes its little league. im 13 and just finished little league. i just threw a 4 seam. and it was like a changeup cuz i threw so slow but i was still good.

now i throw a 2 seam knuckle curve and palmball