11 Years old mechanics. Please advise where we can start



I think this pitcher has a bit of a sequencing problem whereby hip and shoulder rotation overlap. Ideally we want hip rotation to happen first - creating hip and shoulder separation - followed by shoulder rotation. I feel the pitcher’s postural tilt is causing early shoulder rotation so my suggestion would be to work on keeping the head upright throughout the delivery in order to reduce or eliminate the tilt.


In addition, he needs some glove side extension down the target line. Keep the glove to the side instead of center of chest as shoulders come through. Glove sagging too low too early. Foot strike inconsistent. Some pitches you have knee way off to 3B in comparison to ankle. Knee and ankle should be stacked from the home plate perspective. The first thing I’d work on is landing on the target line with head upright and a stacked knee and ankle


I thought his body was working against itself. His arm and his lower half look like they are fighting their selves. I appreciate and advice on getting and keeping this in sync.


Coach Paul,
Thanks for the observation. What would be the best way to work on the glove side and the stacked knee and ankle.


He’s gotta keep the glove arm up at shoulder level and pointed down the target line at least until his throwing hand finishes it’s rearward swing and begins to pass up and through shoulder level. This is the time range where his lead hip and the outside of his stride ankle are traveling down the target line to foot strike. First I’d practice striding and landing with hips closed. don’t think about the foot plant, let it happen on its own. once you get that motion down then add in the upper half. I can give you more information if you send me a private message.


I would suggest the lower leg alignment is the result of the postural tilt. It’s as if he’s cartwheeling instead of rotating. As a result, his hips don’t fully rotate and his center of mass ends up moving to the throwing arm side of the target. Fix the tilt to allow full hip rotation and the lower leg alignment should take care of itself.

I would recommend a couple NPA drills - knee drill and rocker drill - to practice throwing while keeping the head upright and not tilting. Hershiser and cross-over drills would also be good to practice keeping the head and shoulders slightly back while leading with the front hip.


Coach Paul I will message you and thanks for the help.


Thanks for all the help. And we will definitely start on the drills you have recommended.