11 year old - Stride problem / lower body

Long time reader - I know he is not on a mound but we have VERY little time on the fields available and the gnats will eat you alive during the day. We try to work on mechanics for 2 hours a day inside. I have an indoor area that is 100’ x 60’ so we can work without worry of limited daylight and extreme south GA gnats.

I have taken videos of him which he has improved from (there are some small things I still see) but the stride to home…I simply can not get him to push off and rotate the heel and reach with the glove side leg - it is more of a step or when he feels the transition of weight, he plops that foot down and throws - he does this from the mound also.

He has a scrimmage this Wed and will be starting on the mound that weekend. His accuracy seems fine, he can locate the ball were I ask him to but from what I see - his lower body is not in the throw and he is all arm. If I were to ball park his speed on the ball (40-47) as it stands they way he is throwing.

Link to Image

What can I do to help him? Has anyone had success with establishing a stride? I think he is over thinking the hip/shoulder separation (still not getting it yet).

Thank you for looking and thanks for your help

How far are you from Jacksonville (The reason I ask is my son works at a good, well provisioned facility less than 1/2 a mile from UNF…if you are close maybe he can take a look see at him)…man I know them stinkin gnats…way back when I was coaching my first team, I was at NAS Jacksonville and this little kid (It was t-ball) just goes completely hysterical on the mound (Well pitchers circle), screaming swinging wildly in the air…it was our buddies those gnats…lit him all up.
Anyway here is some vid of my son workin here with an ex-pro…some of the stuff is stride oriented.

Try to get some video if you can.

Thanks for the post. We are 1 hour north of Jacksonville. I would love to have him looked at.

He pitched in a scrimmage tonight

3 innings:

2 K
2 BB
a few infield flys
runners never advanced past second

I don’t know if it was first game jitters but he took so much speed off the ball. He pitched inside to outside but even the catcher said that he hoped the other team throws as softly - he CAN throw harder and just as accurate - he is just holding back.

The first game is days away - anyone coached or talked to their pitcher / kid into throwing to their potential with success?