11 Year old stride/arm action

Here are some pics of my son pitching for comment on things he can improve as far as mechanics.
[He throws in the low 60s, with good control (3:1 K/BB, avgs close to 2Ks/IP against good travel competition). Throws FB, CU, 12-6 curve, and cutter]

I would definately like to see some video or more pictures prior and after these to determine how he gets to certain spots in his action. My first comment would be the his moving leg gets way too far off the ground as he moves toward the plate, this would result in a very hard landing on the foot strike, if you take a toe lead or heal the foot strike should be controlled and as I have heard “not break eggs”.

stat ratios & velocity are very impressive.

tuff call w/out video… buwhite made a good call. its great that he uses the back leg so well, but i’m gonna guess he could use some work with getting a better lead with the hips and a little more forward/earlier momentum towards the target.

its better to have excessive back leg reliance than what i see with most youngsters… rushing or drifting is the norm & tuffer to break.

what i do like is his ability to keep his weight back & stay closed til foot plant. thats where his velocity comes from & again, thats where 95% of youngsters fail & never develop into their true potential.

i wish he threw 2Seamers & CU’s vs 12-6 & cutter. having said that keep an eye on the % of those pitches he throws.

i see a lot of kids live off the curve as their out pitch… it dominates at this level, but stunts their development as a pitcher. health factors can be debated, my bigger issue w/ breaking stuff is that it gives a false sense of security & later down the road when the hitters catch up & figure out the breaking stuff the pitcher lacks the confidence in the 2 & 4seamer.

keep truckin… he looks like a gamer.

Good pickup 12JTWilson on the curve balls, I feel that too, I feel the only way that a pitcher makes it to the next level is to be able to get outs with his fastball, need to control location and control batters with the fastball. When kids are younger it’s easier to get CB outs vs using the fastball to setup hitters, but later on CB’s are easier and easier to hit and the distance gets longer and batters learn how to stay back more and more.