11 year old pitching mechanics, please comment

Here is a couple of videos of my 11 year old son. Please give feedback for us, good and bad. He is 5’3 115lbs.

Thanks in adavance.

p.s. sorry about the head in the video.

Side View

Front View

All comments welcomed.

I know he has his elbow low, is there any drills to work on for this or what he is doing to cause his elbow to drop?

I hate his arm action to be honnest with you. Tell him to dangle the arm near his butt like tim lincecum then bring it up later. The arm gets up to soon and is not explosive enough late in the delivery.

Loose grip and loose body action

Thanks for the reply.

By getting up to soon do you mean in the high cock position to soon?

Yes instead of taking the ball out of the glove and sweeping it up. Tell him to dangle it behind his but with a loose grip and then bring it up so the energy can be late and fast.

If you do it this way you will create leverage better. Also tell him to keep a staight back through the whole motion and not to round his back by leaning over.

Thanks TimL55

We will certainly give it a try, do you think he drops his back knee too much?

Anyone else see anything he should work on?

I’m not sure what you mean about the drops the back knee, could you further explain?

Also when he puts the ball in his pocket have him extend his glove away from him.

If you want some pitchers find reverse rotating lower body towards 2nd base helps while trying the keep the upper body pointing in the area of home. But it depends on the pitcher I find when you reverse rotate and sweep leg you get a longer stride.

One thing at a time.

Reverse rotating lower body

Watch dangling of arm reverse rotation and tall posture tilted back towards 1st base and if it’s a right it would be 3rd base.

Also I noticed your son arm slot is low

Copying Lincecum as an 11 year old may in fact be a counter productive thing.
Start with making him fundementally sound. i.e. throw the ball in a fundemental way…doing the things suggested here could prove very detrimental, your son is an individual, he needs to be approached individually not like some cookie cutter "just throw like Tim, it’ll all be great…Linececum worked for years on what he does and if you look around you’ll find it’s unique to him. Dangling the ball as just one example can totally screw up his timing…remember that TL is a very strong and conditioned athlete, he has to be strong to get his hand from down there to where he actually delivers the ball…I don’t know a single 11 yr old strong enough to get that little feat accomplished…so the recommendation that he do that alone is IMO potentially injurious and of no assistance to what your son needs to be doing.
I suggest you look for more input and around these here parts it is a certainty that you’ll get that.

Thanks for the advice.

I have never really watched Lincecum pitch much, being in the mid-west we do not get his games on TV much.

On the timing issue, do you see that his arm is getting up to early?

Not in a position currently to look at it with the appropriate amount of effort, I’ll post on his stuff just a little later today.

Without a mound which will have significant impact on how he delivers…I’ll say a couple of things, first his timing is a little out of whack, pause the video when you see his hand reach “hi cocked” and you’ll see his foot isn’t on the ground yet…they should be simultanious…but not jerky as if he was throwing fromm ss…think smooth, fluid. Hes more presenting as if he was playing catch vs pitching so, his knee lift is inconsistant.
I’d say he is a good palatte to work with, first and foremost fundemental throwing, start from one knee (Arm side down, glove side toe pointed at what would be the batters back foot or inside corner on a lefty) start from that hi cocked perspective and have him rotate the trunk and bring his chest to his glove (Which is out front at about 45 degree with the thumb down) and deliver the ball, this will also assist you in getting his arm up a little, do this for 15-20 throws at about 15-20 feet then stand and do it again, back up do it again to whatever distance the mound is…this isn’t at full speed just tossing and throwing properly. This should be done every time to throw and have him throwing to a target (Your glove right in front belly button high).
2 other drills I always like on a kid this age are toe touches/taps and step behinds, both should be done from the mound and to a specific target.
The toe taps are from the stretch go from knee lift to foot strike 3 times (It works on posture and timing) on the thrid one go ahead and hand break and deliver, work on getting the front foot down as the hand reaches hi cocked, step behinds are just a modification of that and it brings momentum into the picture. start from the stretch aspect behind the rubber, step your fron foot onto the rubber, bring your back foot behind and step to where you’d normally place your foot, knee lift and deliver, this should be done in one fluid motion…it’ll take a small amount of practice before he gets it, it also works on posture and timing but it also lets him feel where his knee should orient…it will also help him feel how to open his hips properly. Remember fundementals, posture and timing…his velo and accuracy will improve.
Let us know…

I understand the boy would not be strong enough and that’s why I said try reverse rotation and if it doesn’t work don’t do it beside that he could use the other techniques I have talked about.

Tim lincecum’s type of mechanics are more advanced and better for the body then the regular up down and out. Also you would be surprised what kids can do and how they pick up mechanics very quick.

At least work on dangling the arm which prevents muscling up on the ball which leads to injury. Dangling the arm makes you think body throws ball and arm along from ride.

You can slice baloney a number of different ways and it doesn’t change what it is there Ristar old boy…I mean TimL55. This boy needs to learn fundementals. Saying that a person should emulate another pitchers mechanics…before he even gets the fundementals of how his own body throws a baseball down is irresponsible. As I said Linececum developed his motion over time, with the aid of a very knowledgable and experienced father, he didn’t copy anyone…neither has ANY successful MLB pitcher, they develop with their own strengths and use those strengths to their own advantage as did Tim Linececum…his motion is unique. Certain things are common such as timing, posture, but look, if you see one guy who is a MLB pitcher who says he got there by copying anyones mechs…well you won’t and it doesn’t matter. Better yet find me the place where PROFESSIONALS teach 11 yr olds to throw that way…just one…go ahead…let me know.
I don’t under estimate what a kid can do, I responsibly attempt to develop that kid so he can be more than a 15 or 16 yr old O’Leary wantabe who changes his mechanics like I change my undies…sometimes 2 or 3 times in an afternoon.

Well I think that dangling the arm and keeping good posture need to be taught as a fundamentals for someone his age. I never said he has to reverse rotate or anything like that but give it a try it works for some.

The way Tim throws was taught and is easy to learn if you know how to teach it and I know the techniques that tim has been taught throughtout his playing time.

So you think dangling the arm loose is bad and also keeping a straight back is bad to learn at his age?

Thanks for all the input.

You are correct he is a very good palatte to work with, very coachable and has great desire and work ethic.

I had never noticed how early his arm was getting up until you guys mentioned.

thanks again, we will get to work.

In a word, yes.

Lets just go ahead and have some complete disclosure here…How many pitchers have you personally trained? How many were 11? 0+0=0

Look, as I’ve told you in the past your passion is evident, I encourage you to continue to study and learn and hopefully gain maturity, Munster here is a grown up, he won’t go to the chat room and have you talk him into what a smart person you are.
I find it shameless that you would return to our site after saying the things on that other site that you said about QUALITY CERTIFIED PITCHING INSTRUCTORS who spent a huge amounts of time trying to help you, of course it is just one of many indicators of exactly how completely immature you are (So it can be forgiven and your return tolerated)…you think changing your name changes that? Please kid…grow up, learn about what you speak.


Thanks for taking the time to look at my son’s videos. I have always found that you and “Roger” both have very good information to take in here.

The world of pitching is confusing at times to a dad trying to help his son become better and enjoy the game in a way few get to.

I had him go to an instructor last year and while he did learn a few things we were not happy with the direction it was going. I myself tend to lean a little more of the style of pitching that I have read in some of the Tom House books, not everything but some.

thanks again for your help.

I appreciate your kind words. He looks like he can be a good one, just concentrate on fun and fundementals…baseball is desire…his will take him where he wants to go :smiley:
We’re always here to help…try to get some stuff off of a mound next time.

The mound.

That is one of the bad things about our area, nobody uses a mound until you get to high school.

I have the plans to build one, I just need to get off my rear and do it.

Wow :shock:
I grew up in Romeoville and have a dim memory of that…crazy Illiani, well what all I mentioned will work without one.